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Hiring Strategies to Build Sales Teams Faster

The shortest path to your revenue-generating sales team
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  • How to bring your time-to-hire from six weeks on average down to two weeks by leveraging sales-specialized recruitment resources
  • How to create a smart and specific profile for various sales roles
  • Interview best practices for Sales Development Representatives, Account Executives, and Sales Managers
  • Tips for getting through the onboarding process quickly, so that your new hires can start generating revenue faster than ever

The success of your sales team depends on using the right hiring strategies. Every day you spend with an open headcount on your sales team, you lose money. Your SDRs, AEs, and Sales Managers are revenue-generating machines – and the difference between a four-week and two-week hiring process could be the difference between making and missing your number for the quarter.

The good news is that Betts Recruiting has collaborated with Skaled to produce this comprehensive guide to minimizing time to hire and getting your sales team hired, onboarded, and generating revenue faster than ever. This guide will provide what you need to keep your time-to-hire low and your revenue high.

Having Sales Development Representatives that pull in demos, Account Executives that crush quotas, and sales management that can implement smart strategies is central to the success of your sales team. Successful leaders understand that the ability to implement solid hiring strategies and onboard these reps quickly makes all the difference. Don’t leave revenue on the table by letting open headcount linger. Download the eBook today.

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