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Case Studies

Grovo needed a sales team. We found them 40 employees.

The Betts Team
June 4, 2021

Grovo is a next-generation learning solution that combines beautiful technology, content, and hands-on support for a better way to learn at work. From onboarding to leadership training, Grovo teaches everything today’s employees need through 60-second microlearning videos.

The Needs

Expansive Sales Team comprised of unique personalities that fit Grovo’s culture with specific sales and technical skills.

Before Betts, Grovo had no defined hiring process

  • Needed to quickly hire salespeople and build recruitment process from scratch
  • Lacked proven methods for identifying unique culture fits
  • Spent too much time sourcing candidates which delayed go-to-market strategy

“Betts Recruiting is an innovative, top-tier recruiting firm that knows its space and industry. They were invested in the Grovo relationship from the beginning and maintained helpful transparency throughout the entire hiring process.”

Jeff Fernandez, Co-Founder and CEO of Grovo

The Solution

After Partnering with Betts Recruiting:

  • Developed a customized, scalable, and efficient hiring process to find ideal employees
  • Maintained unique identity and brought on both entry-level and leadership employees
  • Hired for positions including Customer Success, Account Management, Sales, Marketing, and Enterprise Sales