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Case Study Electric
Case Studies needed to make volume hires for the sales team in order to support the companies series A funding round. We made it happen.

The Betts Team
June 4, 2021

Electric is the world’s first all-in-one IT support solution for small and mid-size offices. Through a chat interface, personalized service and flat-rate pricing they keep email, computers, Wi-Fi and software running smoothly at a fraction of the cost and headaches normally experienced with traditional managed service providers.

The Needs

Electric needed to make volume hires for the sales team in order to support the companies series A funding round.

Before Betts, Electric had a busy sales manager that needed support

  • No in house recruiting or time to dedicate to sourcing and interviewing candidates
  • Need large volume of high-quality candidates with a strong culture fit
  • Team needs to scale and ramp while hitting quarterly quotas

“Meeting our revenue goal was only possible if we hit our hiring targets for Q1. I can say that without Betts we would not have hit our hiring plan and therefore would not have hit our Q1 revenue goal.”

Ryan Denehy, Founder & CEO at

The Solution

Volume Hiring with Betts:

  • Developed a trusted partnership due to quality candidates delivered from Betts
  • Saved time and made quicker decisions with high-touch communications throughout the process
  • Found culture fit due to Betts hands on pre-screening process that looks for soft skills as well as technical skills
  • Through Betts, Electric hired 1 Account Executive, 2 Account Managers, 1 Enterprise Account Executive, and an SDR