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Why Customer Success Managers Are Your Most Important Hire of 2020


Hire a Customer Success Manager. Enhance Your Growth.

In the subscription-based world of B2B SaaS, companies simply won't succeed just by closing new business. Customer retention, product adoption, and CSAT are essential. And the key to these metrics is Customer Success Managers (CSMs).


In this guide, you'll learn how this essential role will enable you to:


  • Reduce churn at your organization


  • Increase your revenue through account expansion


  • Maximize customer retention, product adoption, and more


CSMs are a relatively new addition to the traditional scaling model of a sales organization. Where traditionally, an Account Manager would manage the customer from the closing phase all the way through upselling and retention, the modern CSM is a separate role.


Download our guide to learn more about this crucial role and how they can ensure customer retention and growth within your organization.

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