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Our Guide to Becoming a Go-to-Market Marketer


Keys to Launching a B2C or B2B Marketing Career

Our infographic gives you key info for a successful marketing career. You'll get a wealth of expert insight into becoming a go-to-market marketer:

  • Responsibilities and average salary for demand generation, content marketing, and product marketing roles


  • Skills and qualifications you'll have to master to be successful in these roles


  • Tips from Betts on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and leverage marketing automation tools


You’re creative and analytical, you love both a checklist and a brainstorm, you’re forward thinking and spontaneous. You are a Go-to-Market Marketer. These roles, such as Demand Generation, Content Marketing and Product Marketing, all work closely with Sales, Product and Engineering to drive awareness and increase revenue.


Whether you're pursuing a B2C or B2B marketing career, this infographic has valuable advice to get you on the right track. Download it now to learn more about our advice for transitioning into a Go-to-Market Marketing role.

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