Hiring for the Modern Sales Leader


Hiring Top Sales Leader to Scale Your Sales Org

This eBook brings to light the impact a strong sales leadership team can have on an organization. It covers everything you need to know about hiring a modern sales leader, from what motivates them to what goes in to making the final offer.


After helping hundreds of teams hire top sales leadership, we've created this eBook to give you insight on what that process looks like so you can bring on the sales All-Stars your team needs.


Also, in this eBook you'll hear from our friends at Stitch Labs about how they scaled their sales leadership team. Consider this your definitive guide to hiring the modern sales leader.

What You'll Find In This Ebook:

  • What motivates the modern Sales Leader
  • Building a dream team - interview with Stitch Sales Leaders
  • How to hire your own sales leader
    • Sourcing
    • Phone Screen
    • Onsite Interviews
    • Board Conversation
    • References
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