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Equity - SecondaryEmployeesCover

Equity - How Stock Options Impact Your Career

This secondary guide helps you understand the payoff of equity acquired during your time at a company.


Equity - A Guide for Series B and C Hiring Managers

The second guide in our Equity Guide series helps you to understand the typical equity to grant to different levels of employees as you scale your team.

Equity - A Startup Guide for Employees?

Equity - A Startup Guide for Employees

Our Startup Equity Guide for Employees was created to help breakdown key Equity terminology and provide you with some guidelines around the most common percentages provided at each funding level.


Equity - A Startup's Guide for Hiring Managers 2018

Use our Startup Equity Guide to understand the typical equity offered in compensation packages for various Sales and Marketing positions.

CompGuide (1)

Compensation Guide 2018

The Betts Recruiting Compensation Guide is a comprehensive breakdown of hiring salaries collected from over 400 companies throughout the United States over the last 12 months.


Interview Guide

Betts Recruiting's step-by-step guide to winning the interview and landing the job you've always wanted.


The Sales Resume Handbook

Are you a sales person starting to look for a new job? This ebook is your step by step guide to creating a sales resume and landing your dream job. 

This ebook will cover: 
- Why Do You Still Need a Resume?
- What Hiring Managers Look For in a Resume 
- Best Format for a Sales Resume
- The Importance of Sales Metrics
- Must-Have Skills to List
- Tips for New Grad's Who Lack Professional Experience 
- How to Maintain an Up-to-Date Version


An Introduction To Hiring For Modern Sales Operations Manager

A Sales Operations Manager’s job is to help optimize a sales team’s operations and maximize on a company’s growth. Incorporating the new technologies that play a crucial role in sales efforts is a key function of the Sales Operations Manager.


An Introduction To Hiring For Modern CSM

Customer Success Managers are a unique breed: They need to have the right combination of technical ability and customer-facing experience to manage demos and implementations with customer feedback. In this eBook, you'll learn who they are, what they do, and what you should pay them. Also included is an in-depth interview with New Relic on how they built their Dream Team of CSMs.


An Introduction To Hiring For Modern SDR

This eBook is focused on the pillar of any sales organization: Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). As the face of your company, SDRs are pivotal to long term sales success. In this eBook, you'll learn who they are, what they do, and what you should pay them. Also included is an in-depth interview with Achievers on how they built their Dream Team of SDRs.


Hiring For The Modern Sales Leader

This eBook brings to light the impact a strong sales leader can have on your sales team. It covers everything you need to know about hiring a modern sales leader, from what motivates them to what goes into making the final offer.


Scaling Your Sales Engineering Team Book

A Sales Engineer communicates to your customers everything they need to understand to successfully implement and utilize your product. In this eBook, we offer an in-depth look into the Sales Engineering role and provide insights you can use to build or scale your own Sales Engineering team.


Sales Team Accelerator Tool Kit

The Betts Recruiting “Sales Team Accelerator Toolkit” is designed to assist companies that have received venture capital to grow their sales teams quickly and efficiently. This eBook is comprised of four modules: Situational Analysis, Objective Orientation, Game Plan Construction, and Execution Plan.