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Strategies for Faster, Smarter Employee Onboarding

Create a better path to success for your new hires in our guide, covering employee onboarding and 30/60/90 plans.


The Manager's Guide to Remote Work

Own the transiton to remote work. Learn how to source, interview, onboard, and manage remotely - without losing productivity.


The Ultimate Guide for Building a Solid Marketing Team

Learn strategies for building a marketing team that can make a real impact.

Betts Recruiting 2020 Compensation Guide

The Ultimate Compensation Guide for 2020

Get up-to-date salary benchmarks to strengthen your salary negotiations, plus key takeaways, expert insight, role profiles, and more.

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Hiring Strategies to Build Sales Teams Faster

Learn key strategies for accelerating the hiring and onboarding processes, and why open headcount means lost revenue for your company.


Equity - A Complete Guide for Hiring Managers

Use our Equity Guide for Hiring Managers to understand the typical equity offered in compensation packages for various Sales and Marketing positions and to help understand the typical equity to grant to different levels of employees as you scale your team.


The Resume Handbook

Resumes remain a top priority when it comes to applying for jobs. LinkedIn and other online tools are supplements. This guide lays out the top tips and tricks for building a sales resume guaranteed to make the hiring manager take a second look.


Download our handbook to learn more building the perfect resume.


An Introduction To Hiring For the Modern SDR

This eBook is focused on the pillar of any sales organization - Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). As the face of your organization, SDRs are pivotal to long term sales success and growth of your emerging companies.


How to Hire an SDR

If you’re finding it difficult to put together a stellar sales development team, you’re not alone. In fact, recent research found that nearly 1/3 of sales leaders list recruiting sales development reps (SDRs) as one of their biggest hiring challenges.


Our Guide to Becoming a Go-to-Market Marketer

You’re creative and analytical, you love both a checklist and a brainstorm, you’re forward thinking and spontaneous. You are a Go-to-Market Marketer. In a Go-to-Market role you will be working closely with Sales, Product, and Engineering to drive awareness and increase revenue.


Download our infographic to learn more about our advice for transitioning into a Go-to-Market Marketing role.


Our Guide to Being a Customer Success Manager

Welcome to Customer Success! Maybe you were looking to take this path from the start or maybe you found yourself gravitating towards Customer Success after time as an Account Executive. In this post sales role you will be focusing on onboarding, implementation, training, support, and renewals.


Download our infographic to learn more about our advice for transitioning into a Customer Success Manager role.


Why Customer Success Managers Are Your Most Important Hire of 2020

Customer Success Managers (CSM’s) are a relatively new addition to the traditional scaling model of a sales organization. Where traditionally, an Account Manager would manage the customer from the closing phase all the way through upselling and retention, the modern Customer Success Manager is a separate role.

Download our guide to learn more about the Customer Success Manager role and how they can ensure customer retention and growth within your organization.


Our Guide to Becoming an Enterprise Account Executive

Moving on up! You did your time as an Account Executive (AE) and you’re looking to take on bigger deals and drive forward current relationships into long term partnerships as an Enterprise Account Executive (EAE).


Download our infographic to learn more about our advice for transitioning into an Enterprise Account Executive role.


Our Guide to Becoming an Account Executive

Congratulations! You’re ready to move from a Sales Development Representative (SDR) to an Account Executive (AE). At this stage in your career you’ll be building your own book of business, overseeing demos, and negotiating terms.


Download our infographic to learn more about our advice for transitioning into an Account Executive role.


Equity - How Stock Options Impact Your Career

This secondary guide helps you understand the payoff of equity acquired during your time at a company.


Equity - A Startup Guide for Employees

Our Startup Equity Guide for Employees was created to help breakdown key Equity terminology and provide you with some guidelines around the most common percentages provided at each funding level.


The Interview Handbook

Betts Recruiting's step-by-step guide to winning the interview and landing the job you've always wanted.

Modern Sales Leader

An Introduction to Hiring for the Modern Sales Leader

This eBook brings to light the impact a strong sales leader can have on your sales team. It covers everything you need to know about hiring a modern sales leader, from what motivates them to what goes into making the final offer.


An Introduction to Hiring for Modern Sales Operations Manager

A Sales Operations Manager’s job is to help optimize a sales team’s operations and maximize on a company’s growth. Incorporating the new technologies that play a crucial role in sales efforts is a key function of the Sales Operations Manager.


An Introduction To Hiring For the Modern CSM

Customer Success Managers are a unique breed: They need to have the right combination of technical ability and customer-facing experience to manage demos and implementations with customer feedback. In this eBook, you'll learn who they are, what they do, and what you should pay them. Also included is an in-depth interview with New Relic on how they built their Dream Team of CSMs.


An Introduction to Hiring for the Modern Sales Engineer

A Sales Engineer communicates to your customers everything they need to understand to successfully implement and utilize your product. In this eBook, we offer an in-depth look into the Sales Engineering role and provide insights you can use to build or scale your own Sales Engineering team.


Sales Team Accelerator Tool Kit

The Betts Recruiting “Sales Team Accelerator Toolkit” is designed to assist companies that have received venture capital to grow their sales teams quickly and efficiently. This eBook is comprised of four modules: Situational Analysis, Objective Orientation, Game Plan Construction, and Execution Plan.