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Case study Apptimize
Case Studies

Apptimize needed a VP of Sales & VP of Customer Success. We found them.

The Betts Team
June 4, 2021

Apptimize helps native iOS and Android apps rapidly iterate to produce amazing user experiences through A/B testing, instant updates, and feature releases. After raising $6.1 million in funding, Apptimize needed to ramp up their sales and customer success teams, and do it fast.

The Needs

Vice President of Sales with experience at a similar stage company and could hit the ground running towards revenue and headcount targets.

Vice President of Customer Success who could manage all incoming clients and maintain the personalized nature Apptimize valued.

Before Betts, Apptimize used a retained recruiting agency

  • Interviewed candidates in mass which took extensive time away from upper management
  • Unable to communicate changes in ideal candidate profile between interviews
  • Pressured to accept candidates who were not a perfect fit

“The Betts team really valued my time. I knew i didn’t want to waste time interviewing unqualified candidates, but I didn’t want the process to take a long time. They made sure we were moving forward after every interview.”

Nancy Hua, Co-Founder and CEO of Apptimize

The Solution

After Partnering with Betts Recruiting:

  • Reached out to candidates that upper management had identified but were unable to contact
  • Constantly updated ideal candidate profile with a consultative approach to focus interview efforts
  • Substantially cut down interview time by bringing in qualified and vetted candidates
  • Sales team hired in under two months