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Case Studies

Adthena Partners with Betts Recruiting to Hire Their First Sales Reps in the U.S.

The Betts Team
June 4, 2021

Through their partnership with Betts Recruiting, the Adthena team:

  • Hired 3 BDRs and 1 AE in 3 months
  • Ensured a strong culture fit between the company and new hires
  • Established a strong presence and brand recognition in a new market

“Without Betts having their network queued up and their recruiters proactively searching for great sales reps, it would have taken longer to hit our hiring goals and grow our US office.”

Jennette Lemley, Head of Talent Acquisition, Adthena

Challenge: Build a strong U.S. presence after expanding from London

“We were new to the States and still building a presence. Betts helped us reach qualified candidates in our community faster than we could have done it alone.”
Jennette Lemley
Head of Talent Acquisition
Jennette Lemley is the Head of Talent Acquisition, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that provides mid-market and enterprise companies with competitive insight into their paid search campaigns. After expanding from London, U.K. to Austin, Texas, Adthena faced several challenges in establishing a strong regional presence:
  • Quickly find and hire top sales reps in a competitive landscape.
  • Replicate their strong U.K. brand recognition in their new U.S. market.
  • Manage the hiring process while simultaneously working to grow their business.

“In Austin, there are so many great companies,” says Jennette. “So there’s a lot of competition when trying to hire great sales talent – especially when your company doesn’t have a big local presence yet. We were new to the States and still building a local presence.”

The Solution

“The Betts team was always receptive to feedback and a great partner.”

Jennette Lemley, Head of Talent Acquisition, Adthena

The team at Adthena partnered with Betts to identify top sales reps and bring them in for interviews quickly. “My former supervisor had worked with Betts in the past, and had a really great experience,” says Jennette. “So we connected through her.”

Through this previous connection, Jennette knew that Betts had a strong command of the sales landscape in Austin and other geographies around the U.S., and would be able to draw from a broad talent network and identify top sales reps. Betts’ authority in the sales community became clear to Jennette once she started interviewing sales professionals: “Many of the candidates we spoke to were already familiar with Betts before we started working with them.”

Betts was able to draw from a broad talent network and connect Adthena with a large quantity of sales professionals. Adthena found that even though Betts cast a wide net, the sales candidates they brought in were consistently high-quality. As Jennette explains: “We were able to see more people and get more candidates exposed to our company. These candidates were briefed, prepared, and qualified, and the Betts team was always receptive to feedback.”


Made key sales hires to help build their local presence

“We were able to achieve new targets and build out successful processes.”

Jennette Lemley, Head of Talent Acquisition, Adthena

Jennette started at Adthena in June of 2019, and she and Betts kicked off their search in July. By that October, Adthena had hired 3 BDRs and 1 AE through Betts. These reps included Adthena’s first-ever Business Development cohort. “These hires were key to our sales engine. They enabled us to prospect, qualify, and onboard new clients,” says Jennette. “We were able to achieve new targets and and build out successful processes.”

Betts was also able to ensure a strong culture fit, which is crucial for an international company like Adthena. Jennette explains: “Every candidate that is going to be considered for an offer speaks to one of our executives as part of a culture interview. We consider the makeup of a cohort and the team. We think beyond, is this person a fit right now? We think, how are they going to grow and how can we help them get there? Will they add to our culture and our future vision?”

Betts helped with the heavy lifting of hiring, so Adthena could focus on additional areas including onboarding, development, and even moving into a new office. “The partnership with Betts allowed us to hire great people while simultaneously working on other key initiatives important to the People Team.”

About Adthena
Founded in 2012, Adthena is the world’s most advanced competitive intelligence platform for paid search advertising, processing over 10 terabytes of new data, while indexing 500 million advertisements and 200 million keywords in 15 different languages every day. Powered by its AI-driven Whole Market View data set, Adthena’s carefully designed solutions of Market Entry, Campaign Optimization, Strategic Advantage and Brand Protection help marketers target and reach consumers that matter the most to their business according to their business objectives. Globally, Adthena works with more than 250 clients across 18 different business sectors, including finance, education, gaming, automotive and technology. Brand customers include Autotrader, Air New Zealand, Atlassian, Citibank, Burberry, Toyota, and Volvo. Agency customers include media specialists like GroupM and channel-specific paid search experts like iProspect. In addition, Adthena is the winner of several leading industry awards — including the Search Engine Land Awards, Stevie® Award for Customer Service, and European Search Awards, among others.

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