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Women at Work – How to Recruit More Female Employees

Carolyn Betts Fleming
April 5, 2016

As CEO of Betts Recruiting, I see first hand what hiring managers at the most innovative companies are looking for in employees. The same need has appeared again and again: diversity. Diversity has become essential to any successful business. Startups are looking for new perspectives, fresh ideas, and top talent – having a mixture of people is the best way to get that. Beyond this, hiring managers are looking for culture fits and independent thinkers. They need a team that represents all aspects of their target audience.

Many companies have asked me how I have been able to hire so many bright women at Betts Recruiting. Confident, smart women are in high demand across all industries, whether it’s engineering, sales, or recruiting. I’ve always believed Betts culture is what has brought and retained my team, but I also posed the question to my female employees. Across all of their answers, the following themes became clear.

Fun, Competitive Culture

Today’s top candidates are looking for companies where work and fun are equally important. Fun in the workplace can take a lot of different meanings, but focusing on all-inclusive activities and open office spaces can cultivate this atmosphere. Women tend to avoid companies that use the “boy’s club” mentality, meaning bosses who don’t take responsibility or follow biased comparisons of success. While employees value performance feedback and incentives, having set goals rather than personalized tasks removes gender bias while maintaining a competitive and challenging workplace. I focus on merit-based assessments.

Company Reputation

Part of the pre-employment process is assessing a company’s character. All candidates look at company reviews online. Betts Recruiting is constantly listed on the Best Places to Work in all of the areas around our offices. I take pride in creating a company that speaks for itself. Many of my employees came to Betts on their own, a payoff of having an amazing reputation. Focusing on your employees and ensuring overall success rather than individual success is an easy way to better your company’s perception, and in turn, attract better candidates.

Supportive Environment

Employee recognition and appreciation are key to the women at Betts Recruiting. No one wants to go to work day after day only to feel under appreciated and unchallenged. I founded Betts with an easy-to-highlight recognition system. I embolden everyone to communicate ideas to leadership and peers, and receive feedback and encouragement. Even as a CEO, I can always learn more. The more a company encourages and prioritizes loop-style feedback, the more employees feel invested in a company’s mission.

Clear Compensation Policies

Betts sets a clear compensation policy based on achievement and merit. This in and of itself has drawn many women to Betts. In creating Betts, I focused on higher bases with less pressure on commission. Higher bases didn’t remove the motivation for achievement, in actually led to better sales overall. Betts draws employees that have a personal drive to succeed and don’t need the added stress of making paychecks stretch.

Commitment to Women in Leadership Roles

At Betts, I have invested in strong, female leaders throughout every department. If you say you value female leadership at your company, but can’t point to more than one woman at the managerial level, female candidates won’t buy it. Prove your company is a great place for a woman looking for advancement by showing her any path is available.

Betts Recruiting recognizes that many women are looking to follow career goals beyond traditional roles and we celebrate this movement. I embrace the drive to work hard and be successful. I know that women bring a lot to the table, and through valuing that diversity across culture, organization structure, and company standards, I’ve been able to find my amazing employees. By valuing your employees and providing a structured yet nurturing environment, you’ll not only develop strong professionals internally but attract more to come work for you.