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Why Successful Sales People Wear Crazy Socks

The Betts Team
April 26, 2016

I know the cliché is “the clothes make the man.” But should it be “the socks?”


Take a second and think of a successful sales person. Got an image? I bet you’re thinking of a lone wolf dude in a suit talking nonstop with slicked back hair. His name is probably Steve or something. Everyone thinks of the same interchangeable guy when they think of a sales person.


Even in the casual world of startups, men are faced with wearing the same uniform of chinos and plaid button ups. Is there no way to escape the sales costume?


Inherently, men are at a style disadvantage compared to their female counterparts. This is especially true when it comes to men’s footwear in the workplace. The wing tipped, square-toed loafers can get a little stale. But how can men stand out while remaining professional? How can they exude confidence, personality, and individuality while not breaking the corporate dress code or turning off clients?


The answer is… socks.


Come on. How impactful could socks really be?

Very. Wearing a wacky pair of socks to work gives professionals a place to be playful, creative, and show they are a little rebellious. Unlike that tattoo sleeve with the Koi fish you were thinking of getting, your offbeat purple and orange socks can be easily tucked under a conference table and not distract or turn off potential clients.


Rocking a loud pair of socks can be a great conversation starter and can let your coworkers know that you might even have a personality beyond corporate drone.


Believe it or not, there may even be another possible benefit of sporting zany socks at work… It might actually cause you to be more creative and outgoing.


In a study conducted by Northwestern University by social psychologist Dr. Adam Galinsky, it was found that a person’s choice in clothing might actually affect their cognitive processes.


Clothes invade the body and brain, putting the wearer into a different psychological state.” Dr. Galinsky – New York Times


The study reveals that the clothing we wear can actually change our behavior.


It might sound crazy that wearing something can affect your day-to-day actions. But over time, those crazy socks might actually make you branch out and try new processes or concepts.


In sum, weird socks are cool. Whether you’re trying to show off your Star Wars fandom with your new Darth Vader socks or represent the interesting new idea you’re about to present in the boardroom, socks are the perfect outlet.


Looking for crazy socks? Just google it. There are hundreds of specialty sock websites. You’re welcome.