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Why Should You Get a Job at a Startup-

Why Should You Get a Job at a Startup?

The Betts Team
July 9, 2012

Startups are a scary zone for many job seekers. In the technology world today, the stereotype of dogs, ping pong tables and flip-flops has given way to a company culture that could not be starker from the buttoned up corporate world. So why make the move over to startups?

1. Room to Grow

When you are starting off at a corporate giant, climbing up the ladder of success is a slow process. With a well-established structure already in place, the steps toward the top are many. At a startup, opportunities to move up emerge much more frequently, as the company grows new positions are necessary and as a veteran with strong understanding of the company’s culture and values, you are a prime candidate to make the jump from managed to manager.

2. You get noticed

At a startup, very often your work makes a real difference in the company’s success. You will know not only your boss, but your boss’ boss and both of them will rely directly on the work that you do to keep the company running from day to day. At a company where you are one of a dozen people doing the same work, you don’t have as much of a chance to stand out and get noticed for the amazing work that you do.

3. Flexibility

Startups know that they need to keep employees happy to keep them around and so are more willing to let you take your month long getaway backpacking in Patagonia. Big companies come with long standing, stiff rules that don’t change just because a last minute travel deal showed up in your inbox. At a startup its more than likely that your boss got the same email and was considering tagging along.

4. Culture

In this same line of thought, startups know that their employees are putting themselves out there when they join the team.  Someone needs to be passionate about the product, brand and culture to balance out the risk that one takes leaving the great machine. Startups want to keep their employees around so they stock the fridge with free snacks, host Friday afternoon beer pong tournaments and let the dog tag along to the office. At a startup, work is not just work, but fun.

5. Having a Voice

The red tape that crisscrosses corporations leaves many employees burnt out and frustrated.   No one cares that you think you have discovered a way to streamline your daily tasks or that you think that the company’s desk chairs leave you and your co-workers with crippling back-aches. When higher ups are easily accessible, it is much easier to have your voice be heard. When a company is growing and changing as it tries to succeed, everyone’s opinion matters. When innovation is encouraged, new ideas become crucial to improving the product.

Working at a startup offers a new and exciting opportunity and gives you the opportunity to be on the front line of business. If you are looking to make the move to a company that is going to change the world, let us help you!