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Why Should You Invest in SEs?

The Betts Team
September 7, 2018

Thanks to minimal up-front costs, scalability and ease-of use and setup, most software as a service (SaaS) platforms have high initial sign-up rates. Getting customers to successfully integrate those platforms, on the other hand, can be quite challenging. Yet when it comes to B2B sales, successful integrations are highly indicative of a trial signup converting to a long-term, paying customer.


Sales engineers can be the key to a successful and profitable sales process because they establish the technical requirements necessary for integrating a SaaS platform into a user’s existing environment. Beyond the basic “out-of-the-box” functionality, SEs can establish what’s technically feasible and, more importantly, they can use the customer’s existing setup to determine and articulate the optimal way of using the solution.


That’s all well and good, but what if you’re facing the challenge of a staffing budget? Can you really justify additional spending to bring on a team of SEs?


Here are four viable benefits that just might help you make your decision.


Easy access to in-depth product knowledge


Having an individual or team on the sales side that has a thorough technical knowledge of your product can be a godsend, especially when those unique or challenging questions from prospects arise. Having a dedicated resource for sales to turn to whenever they need quick answers or explanations can make it easier to push customers through the sales funnel.


Enhanced training for the sales team


Product training is far more impactful when the person doing the training has knowledge not just of the product itself, but also an understanding of the sales process. An experienced sales engineer can use their technical prowess to help field reps better demo products. SEs can also tap into their sales knowledge to help reps better explain how that product can solve the prospect’s business problems.


Set clear expectations for prospects


During the “honeymoon phase” of a new SaaS platform purchase, buyers will be looking to see if you’ll do what you promised you’d do. One let down and you could easily lose them. This is why setting expectations is so important. Having an experienced SE on the team to help identify the prospect’s needs, pain points and existing processes can help set clearer and more accurate expectations. This can significantly improve satisfaction rate and reduce churn.


Lay a solid foundation for success


Because the SE understands the prospect’s needs and pain points, he or she is capable of developing the best approach for fulfilling those needs and solving those problems. With comprehensive technical knowledge, the sales engineer can explain complex processes and put a plan in place for success – often before the contract is even signed. Furthermore, because SEs understand the needs of both the client and internal teams, they can facilitate a more seamless implementation process for everyone.


Expanding your sales staff can feel like a big expense, but when you look at all the benefits a sales engineer can provide, the return on your investment becomes clear. Thinking about building a team of SEs for your organization? Let us save you time, money and aggravation. Contact us today!