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Why Recruiting Events are Great Resources for Startups

Why Recruiting Events are Great Resources for Startups

The Betts Team
September 5, 2016

If you’re a startup looking to hire a sales team quickly, recruiting events can serve as a great resource. By combining interviews to save time and inviting more dynamic potential hires, recruiting events can shorten a hiring process from months to weeks. Below are three of the main reasons why recruiting events are ideal for startups that need to make moves quickly.

More Candidates

Recruiting events help hiring managers and companies looking to hire quickly meet more candidates in shorter amounts of time. This can help keep the hiring process or hiring quotas from wasting executive’s time by requiring countless interviews every day. Interviewing many different candidates can often be draining and take away from the interview process itself. Make sure that anyone you are bringing in is someone you would consider hiring. The best way to do this is to use recruiting events to find strong job seekers right away.

Not only do you cut down on time, you also add to your interview process by establishing how well a job seeker works with others. If you need to hire a team, the best way is to look at a group. How do the candidates interact with your current employees, and other candidates? When you need a team, you need a group of people that work well together. Being able to consider the individual candidate’s personality in comparison with others is a huge benefit of recruiting events.

Increase Face Time

Recruiting events also give a company the opportunity to have all of their employees meet a potential candidate. Instead of bringing in the same job seeker multiple times to meet with different employees they will interact with, having the entire team available for a first round interview will dramatically speed up the hiring process. Your employees can compare candidates in real time, in terms of experience and culture. Recruiting events put these two requirements on even ground.

Having a team pick out their newest member is also a great way to ensure compatibility. Including everyone on the hiring decision from the beginning ensures that the potential employee will be a fit for everyone they will work with. Empower your team to find the right person to fill their needs. This will ensure that each new hire is dynamic and adds value.


Lastly, recruiting events put on by recruiters only bring in top talent. Recruiters work with companies to determine what the ideal candidate looks like and invite only job seekers that are the best fit. Using a recruiter and a recruiting event keeps hiring managers from wasting time and resources vetting out individual candidates as they come along. A recruiter’s database and pre-screened candidate pool can help companies meet a ton of qualified job seekers immediately.

Through a recruiter, a company also meets only interested candidates. Hosting a recruiting event will bring in job seekers that are actively looking to make a career change, know about your company, and are passionate about what you’re promoting. The potential hires you meet at a recruiting event are all viable prospects. A hiring manager can move quickly from a recruiting event to filling hiring quota because candidate interest and background are already taken into account ahead of time.