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Why Hiring Good Sales Employees Should Be Top Priority for Startups

Why Hiring Good Sales Employees Should Be Top Priority for Startups

The Betts Team
September 12, 2016

Although most startups know sales are crucial to success, hiring superior sales employees isn’t always considered urgent. Some companies look to hire en mass, hoping that quantity will overcome quality when it comes to sales. Yet the best and most successful startups have sales teams that specialize in different aspects and work well together. Hiring good sales employees should be top priority for startups because of the following four points.


First and foremost, a good sales team is the quickest way to bring in substantial revenue. Hiring people that are motivated and passionate about your product will result in more conversions that hiring a lot people that don’t understand why your product will benefit consumers. A strong salesperson who can clearly communicate your product’s benefits, overcome objections, and close a prospect will outsell an entire group of people who lack sales DNA. Don’t waste effort looking to fill sales positions as quickly as possible while sacrificing quality. Find strong sales people for your product who can bring in consistent revenue and add value to your company.


Additionally, a strong sales team will generate more revenue through better client relations. If your sales team is skilled at rapport and follow-up, your company will make more from established relationships. This is especially true when compared to the churn-and-burn style of a mass sales team spamming system. Opportunities from repeating clients often are lost to startups that don’t focus on good sales people. If your sales team is strictly prospecting and calling new consumers every day, you can miss essential touch points when it comes to prospects still in the pipeline. Creating a strong client base should be the focus of any startup looking to cement itself within its industry.


Your sales team also serves as an extension of your marketing team. Good sales people can turn a consumer with no knowledge about your product into a prospect over the course of a single phone call. Unlike the telemarketer style of sales done for quantity, focusing on finding and prospecting actual leads make good sales people better equipped to spread your product and its benefits. Make sure that anyone who is speaking about your product has the same passion for it as you do.


Lastly, the sales team you start your company with serves as your company’s revenue foundation. Trying to scale while constantly replacing your sales people can damage customer and client relationships, lose potential opportunities, and take away from a company’s culture. Start your startup off with highly qualified people to serve as resources. This will set the standard for all newly hired salespeople who are to follow. The initial sales people you hire should serve as mentors to any new hires down the line. Entrust your product with good sales people initially to ensure when you begin to scale you already have an established successful sales process.

Hiring quality salespeople doesn’t have to be challenging. Working with a recruiter can get you top talent without lengthening the hiring process. If you’re building out a sales team, connect with Betts Recruiting today. Understanding that your salespeople are marketers, revenue generators, and future mentors is why Betts works closely with hiring managers and candidates to find the best fit.