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Why Group Hiring Events are Good Alternatives to Interviews

The Betts Team
July 28, 2016

As tech companies are rapidly growing their sales and business development teams, the need for top talent has increased exponentially. With the need growing, and the timeline for hiring shrinking, many hiring managers have turn to group hiring events to hurry the process. Looking to try one at your company? We’ve highlighted four reasons why group hiring events are good alternatives to interviews below.

Less Time, More Candidates

Bringing in a large group of candidates for one event can dramatically cut down an employee search timeline. Additionally, if you’re looking to fill more than one position, having the opportunity to meet multiple job seekers is one of the quickest ways to narrow your search. A hiring event lasting for an hour can bring over fifty different potential employees to your office. They gives nearly everyone in the office the opportunity to meet any key applicants.

More Intimate, Less Awkward

Meeting at an event can be a lot less awkward than sitting across from one another in a small conference room. Since you can meet with candidates while not having to worry about eye contact or posturing, group hiring events give you the opportunity to build a better connection. The environment also leads to more genuine conversations. Instead of reading off a resume, conversations flow more naturally. This leads to topics that are of interest to both parties. As a hiring manager, you have access to professional background and education via LinkedIn or a paper resume. Group hiring events lets you learn about the candidate behind those experiences.

Show Your Culture

Group hiring events are completely driven by the company. This means that you get to have the event mirror your company’s culture. Make sure you highlight your company’s values, passions, and special attributes when you plan one of these events. Beyond just showing off your office space, you can highlight the different ways that you build culture and relationships. You set the tone of your professional environment without requiring explanation. Whether your company is professional or embraces the startup concept of beanbags and beer kegs, both you and the prospective employee get the opportunity to see how they mesh.

See a Person’s Character

Having in-person conversations is the ideal way to vet a person’s character and values. Letting multiple people have the opportunity to meet and speak to a candidate ensures that the best representation of a potential employee is gathered. You can see a candidate interact with other candidates and current company employees. As a result, you can see how professional a job seeker is, how they handle stressful situations, and how well they build genuine relationships.