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Why did the Turkey break up with his girlfriend?

The Betts Team
November 20, 2018

Q: Why did the Turkey break up with his girlfriend?

A: Because he couldn’t get to first baste!

Jokes aside, it’s scary and sometimes hard to make moves, especially around this time of year when family, friends, and food tend to take priority. Start small, maybe a Turkey Trot. It’s a sprint to the new year and time to trade in those Thanksgiving rolls for some new career roles.

When thinking about 2019 and what you want out of your new role (before you quit your job cold turkey), these are some important things to consider when researching companies, you’re interested in joining:

What are you looking for?

Think about what you’re currently doing – is this the job you want to continue for the next couple of years? If not, why? What are you passionate about and what do you dislike? What skills do you want to develop and what skills do you want to hone in on? Once you figure this out, it will help you tailor what you’re looking for next. Still stuck on what to do? Use online career tools to figure out what you’re interested in for your next career. Online career tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or our client Good & Co’s assessment tool are great resources to help you determine what will most interest you in your next career.

Choosing the right company.

There are so many great, good, and not-right-for-you companies out there. When looking for the right opportunity, don’t become blinded by the bright lights and name brands if that’s not important to you. Look beyond company websites. What sets their product or offering apart from the rest? How stable are they financially? When were they started? How much funding do to they have? Who are they backed by? Is culture important to you? What are the growth opportunities at this company? Check out Crunchbase, TechCrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat, Medium and Glassdoor to make sure you’re getting all the stuffing on each company that interests you.

Understand the job.

Now that you know what you’re looking for and have identified companies that could be a good fit, make sure you understand what you’re applying for. Do you have the skills and experience required for the role? Does the job description stand out and appeal to everything you’re looking for? What immediately resonates and what are the gaps you need to fill in? Is there progression in this role, whether short term or long term?

So you’ve done the heavy lifting and trained for this Turkey Trot. You’re in great shape. Now what?

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