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What's the Differece- Recruiting vs. Hiring

What’s the Difference: Recruiting vs. Hiring

The Betts Team
October 17, 2016

When you’re looking to hire a sales team, understanding the difference between recruiting and hiring can be challenging. Although recruiters can seem like a more expensive path to finding the perfect employee, the reality is that using an internal hiring process can cost just as much in lost revenue due to a prolonged time frame. When comparing recruiting vs. hiring, the following four attributes stick out in recruiting’s favor.

Candidate Pool

One of the main appeals of recruiting agencies is their access to a vast pool of job seekers. Unlike headhunters and internal recruiters, recruiting agencies also have access to job seeker’s interests. The skill of a recruiting company comes from being able to match the intricate specifications of your organizations with the right individuals who are looking for your opportunity. Recruiters don’t just have contact information. They look to find the perfect mixture of professional experience and culture, and have the data and relationships to do so.


For many innovative companies, hiring the right sales people needs to happen fast. For every day that your company lacks revenue generators, you miss out on countless opportunities. Especially for startups that are rapidly growing, key sales people are integral. As aforementioned, recruiting firms have established candidate pools. This means recruiters can start setting interviews the same week you make the decision to hire. Speed is essential for high-growth organizations. Take advantage of a recruiter’s ability to meet your specifications quickly by moving from the decision to hire to sending an offer letter in as little as two weeks!

Interview Process

The interview process also changes when you work with a recruiting company. We help streamline the process and identify the key decision makers who need to meet a candidate. The process generally consists of a phone interview, and on-site interview, and then a final interview before an offer is made. With a recruiting company, you skip the usual initial vetting interviews which are already done by the recruiter. Shortening the interview process means you take less time away from executive’s day-to-day schedules. You also avoid wasting time brining in candidates that aren’t a fit. Companies and recruiting firms split the interview process, with the bulk of vetting done by the recruiters. This method allows you to focus on culture fits, specific skill requirements, and any other important attributes that you need in an employee.


Working with a recruiting firm is a great way to set your company up for success. Betts Recruiting has worked with over 1,000 different innovative companies across the US and Europe. At these organizations, we’ve placed over 3,000 new employees. Betts Recruiting works on a contingency basis meaning you don’t pay for any recruiting fees until you get your ideal employee. You only pay for success. If you’re looking to hire quality job seekers quickly then a recruiting firm is one of the best means to do so successfully. If you’re interested in learning more about the successes of some of our clients, click here to read a few of our case studies!