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What Your Tie Says About You – Interview Guidelines

The Betts Team
April 8, 2016

The business suit is a classic look, with limited means to individualize. So what are the interview guidelines to standing out? How do you stand out in a sea of black jackets? The tie is the easiest way to communicate who you are to your coworkers, clients, and fellow bus riders. But are you sure you’re wearing the right tie? What if your tie means something else? We’ve boiled down the different perceptions of the most common neckwear.


The striped tie is probably the most common neckwear. It is worn by all ages, from 20 year-olds in tech to 80 year-olds in finance. The striped tie indicates that this isn’t your first job. You’re corporate enough, but you’re also fun on the weekends. You’re willing to take a couple risks, but you also know that work needs to get done. The striped tie basically says that you’re smart, you’re making good career decisions, you haven’t given up on the world yet, and you probably will end up in a house with a white picket fence.


The polka dot tie is a ladies favorite. You’re sensitive, you’re fashionable, and you know how to listen. Subtlety is key to the polka dot tie wearer. Your favorite color is navy blue, you have a wooden iPhone case and you love golden retrievers. You’re responsible in the office, probably working as an accountant. You are a living Clark Kent. The polka dot tie is always worn loose, ready to be pulled off at any moment. Go drink your cup of tea, polka dot tie guy.


The bow tie is the youngest of ties. If you’re wearing a bow tie you are repeatedly asking people to guess your age just so you can feel young. You drink coffee out of mason jars because it is cool and you don’t even work at a desk. You only use Apple products and you only eat organic. You love wearing boots with skinny jeans or chinos. You describe everything as “artisanal.” You also have a fascination with facial hair, and rock a mustache, beard, or soul patch all the time.


The plain tie is the most challenging neckwear to pin down. It has two distinct personalities. Option 1: this is literally your first day on the job and you’re wearing the same tie you wore to senior prom. You have no idea how to tie it, so you had your roommate or some old lady on the bus help you out. Your suit is either too big or too small. Welcome to the real world. Option 2: you are wearing the power tie. You’ve chosen a color to give off a specific vibe as you walk into the boardroom. Everyone knows to steer clear of the boss with a red tie. You have an extensive collection of ties, and even have a rotating tie display in your walk in closet. Always aim for option 2.


Lastly, the no tie. Not wearing anything to cover up your top button in the corporate world is daring. You’re vivacious, loving life, letting loose, and completely confident in yourself. Instead of hiding behind silk fabric, your collarbone speaks for you. You’re one mysterious dude. The no tie is intimidating and aims to be CEO of whatever company they work at. You’re casually collected and able to manage a team of employees well. You’re also most likely to have a significant other. The no tie has such complex feelings wearing just one type of fabric wouldn’t do them justice.