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What to Expect at TechDay New York

Here's What You Can Expect at TechDay New York 2016

The Betts Team
April 12, 2016

Over 30,000 press, investors, job seekers, and early adopters will be at Pier 94 on April 21 for the fifth anniversary of TechDay New York. With more than 550 companies, TechDay is the largest startup event in the United States.

New York’s “hyphen-tech” nickname will be proudly displayed at TechDay. Exhibitors are organized by industry verticals, including Fintech, EdTech, Enterprise, E-Commerce, Health-Tech, Social Media, and more. As a TechDay exhibitor or attendee, startups and entrepreneurs can save weeks of time researching, interviewing, pitching, and networking with the New York tech community.

Aside from grabbing free swag booth after booth, TechDay announced three brand new, interactive opportunities for this year’s attendees. We spoke with TechDay’s COO Sharon Lieberman for the latest insights:

1. Shark Tank’s New York Casting Call

All TechDay attendees are invited to pitch their idea to the Shark Tank producers. Fill out a short application, get a wristband with a number, and wait in line.

2. Live Demo Stages

Startups will have 3 minutes on stage to demo new products or launch their company. Early adopters and investors alike will enjoy this exclusive and exciting opportunity.

3. Accelerator Alley

30 of the world’s top startup accelerators will occupy a specific area on the TechDay floor. This is a great opportunity for the public and entrepreneurs alike to learn about the benefits of accelerator companies.

The Story Behind TechDay

TechDay came about from a common startup dilemma. Getting “off the ground” requires multiple forces, like acquiring users and hiring the right people. But these steps require funding, which can be hard without media exposure. In 2011, TechDay’s CEO Alec Hartman faced this scenario at DigitalOcean.

Alec used his events background to create the ideal scenario for startups:  Making valuable connections and gaining exposure with the right people in one day. What started with 175 startups and 3,000 attendees has quickly grown to be the country’s largest tech startup event.

Betts Recruiting, the leading New York Sales Recruiter, is excited to be a 2016 TechDay sponsor. From 10am-5pm, the Betts team will be in the Enterprise and B2B section. The event is free of charge, so grab your ticket today. We look forward to meeting you there!