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Want to Find All the Unlisted Administrative and Finance Jobs_ Hint_ Use a Recruiter.-3

Want to Find All the Unlisted Administrative and Finance Jobs? Hint: Use a Recruiter.

The Betts Team
May 23, 2017

Finding a finance or administrative position seems like it should be easy enough. Both types of roles require high competency and mastery of multiple skills, which make you an attractive candidate. However, no matter how qualified you may be, there’s a chance that your resume may fall to the bottom of the pile when you apply to an open position online. Before you take the radio silence personally, understand that companies are inundated with resumes, and the job opening they’re hoping to fill may require a very specific skill set.


So how do you avoid wasting countless hours applying without any responses? Hint: use a recruiter! Here are some advantages to working with a recruiter to advance your career:


Insider Info

Here at Betts Recruiting, we work very closely with our client companies. We know all about their product – and can help bring you up to speed on it if you’re unfamiliar with it. Recruiters can brief you on a company’s size, expected growth and revenue outlook, which may help you decide between two compelling opportunities. We have worked with some of our clients for years, and they come to us before posting an opportunity publicly. Getting in front of the hiring manager before they’ve been digging through an endless well of resume submissions may sound too good to be true. It’s not!


We Work For You

Before we submit your information to a job opportunity, we have had several extensive conversations about what the company is specifically looking for in their new hire. When we present job opportunities to you, they are tailored to your background and personality. Working with a recruiter means you won’t waste any time agonizing about what to say during an initial phone screen or what to wear for your in-person interview. Here at Betts, we schedule prep calls with you, to ensure you’re fully ready for each stage of the hiring process. We can give you insider tips about the hiring manager’s interviewing style. If we have an opportunity that seems like a great fit for your experience and qualifications, we will go to bat for you, and will be sure the hiring manager knows why you’d be valuable to their team.


Don’t Apply More, Apply Better

Admin and finance roles usually require wearing many hats. If your current job title is: “office manager/ front desk assistant/ HR coordinator/events planner” you may have trouble fitting all of your experience on a one-page resume. You may even be qualified for several different roles in a tech company. We can help narrow down your experiences so they are most relevant to the roles you are applying for – and can even give you guidance if you’re applying to an entirely new role. Working as a Payroll Specialist may entail heavily technical terms that a hiring manager may not resonate with. As your recruiter, we will ensure your resume is more than relevant; it will be readable and relatable too. Here at Betts, we value the people we place and the companies we partner with and do our very best to ensure great matches for each placement.


If we don’t have an opportunity that interests you right away, check back in with us. We are continually adding opportunities, partners, and locations and would love to hear from you in the future. Building a long-lasting relationship is important to us, so if we do end up finding you a new job, we will keep checking in to hear how it’s going. Finding you your dream job is ours!