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What Tony Robbins’ Personal Routine Can Teach You about Sales

The Betts Team
January 13, 2020

He’s the nation’s leading life coach. He’s the author of a slew of books, his seminars and events tour all across the country, and his quotes are all over the internet and, probably, a good number of inspirational coffee mugs. He’s Tony Robbins, and between his coaching and his own personal net worth, he’s become synonymous with success. 


But Tony Robbins does more than help people achieve their goals and, occasionally, get stuck in elevators with Jack Black. He also has a predictably intense and regimented morning routine, as outlined in Business Insider. And while you may not share his taste for the “adrenal support cocktails” (whatever the heck that means) he chugs after he wakes up, observing his routine can teach you a lot about the nature of being successful in sales. Here’s how.


The totally fun, and not at all uncomfortable, daily ice-bath

Tony’s daily workout includes a several-minute sauna-to-cold-plunge cycle that gives us chills just thinking about it. But it teaches a valuable lesson about the nature of sales – especially for young, up-and-coming reps who haven’t accumulated their battle scars yet. That lesson is: success often requires getting out of your comfort zone.


Sometimes being on the phone with prospects can be uncomfortable. You can feel vulnerable. Your fight or flight response kicks in. The same is true for a cold plunge – as soon as you’re in, you want out. But if you stick it out, you’ll be surprised at how beneficial it can be. Just like Tony’s cold plunge rewards him with better circulation and cardio health, weathering the pressure of a tough sales call can result in a healthier account, or even in a sale.

The torture machine. Hey, where are you going?

The ROM Quick Gym promises a full workout in just 4 minutes. And even though he’s dubbed it the “Torture Machine,” Tony Robbins loves it. Experts, though, suggest it may be too good to be true, saying that a traditional 30-minute workout is better. These experts even say the Torture Machine can actually be dangerous (who would have guessed?). 


What does this have to do with sales? Well, how often do sales reps feel tempted to cut corners, with end-of-quarter looming and commissions beckoning? The profession is indeed conducive to high-speed behavior. But true sales pros understand that sometimes success takes time. Just like it’s better to space out a workout instead of cramming it into 4 minutes, it often pays to invest in an account – take the time to understand their needs, get to know them, and integrate your product into their plans – instead of taking an aggressive hard-sell approach.

For better or worse, repetition is the name of the game

Robbins eats the same breakfast every day: eggs and coconut bread. And just like the Most Important Life Coach’s Most Important Meal, sales is all about routine. Sure, you can tailor your approach to individual accounts, but at the end of the day, you’re picking up the phone and pitching the same company – often from the same sales deck – every single day. 


If you’re the kind of person who craves variety at work, it’s possible that your career calling is in a different area. But if you find yourself tending to routine in other areas of life, you might just be a born sales rep.


You can learn a lot from what Tony Robbins says in his books, events, and quotes. But you can also learn from what he does every AM. You don’t have to start doing a cold plunge every day, but you can learn a lot about the nature of sales, and how to succeed, by thinking about his routine.