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Big Reasons SDRs Will Always Beat Google Ads

Three Big Reasons SDRs Will Always Beat Google Ads

The Betts Team
March 15, 2016

We all know that there’s an intrinsic relationship between a company’s advertising and its overall sales. It’s a reality that helps explain why Google ad solutions are so popular. As you look at ways that advertising can drive revenue, though, could you be missing the human side of things?

Whatever online ads can do for your business, it’s important to remember that they’ll never match the power of human interaction. The pull of human contact is one reason that so many tech businesses have started recruiting sales development representatives (SDRs). It’s a bigger commitment than running ads, but it’s a worthwhile one for at least three big reasons.

People Build, Ads Maintain

Google is projected to have earned almost $68 million in ad revenue in 2015. Given the amount of money that businesses invest in online ads, it’s essential for executives to step back and ask are these ads really a good investment?

Think about what ads actually do for your company. They build a branded image, and they let potential customers know about your products or services. If they’re successful, ads funnel viewers to your website and turn them into leads. Sales reps who specialize in inbound leads take it from there.

Now think about what ads don’t do for your company. They don’t interact with customers, and they can’t act reflexively to improve lead-generation processes. They can maintain your business’s brand image, but they can’t build on or advance it. Ads meet relatively static needs.

When your company has SDRs generating new leads, it has a dynamic solution to brand-building needs. Customers who have positive experiences with SDRs will tend to assign more prestige to your brand. Of course, these very human salespeople can also react instantly to the shifting moods and needs of potential consumers in a way ads can’t.

Only People Can Develop People

Experienced SDRs don’t just generate leads. They also develop other sales stuff and contribute to your company’s long-term success. Google ads can make your company look attractive to employees and prospects, but they’re powerless to develop people.

Remember that the top talent in the tech world aren’t just chasing salaries. On the whole, they’re more interested in professional development and growth opportunities than in money. Having strong SDRs and a growth-oriented atmosphere is a big asset when it comes to recruiting for your company.

Of course, experienced SDRs who develop others do more than just boost your company’s recruiting power. They also drive productivity and staff satisfaction, which can translate into revenue gains. Dollar for dollar, you get a lot more out of people than you do out of ads.

It’s Really About Quality, Not Quantity

The belief that Google ads will drive an increase in sales leads like no other strategy is one of the biggest reasons that so many executives invest in them. Yes, it’s true that a successful online ad can bring in a lot of leads. It’s important to remember, though, that quality is always more important than quantity when it comes to prospects.

Google’s ad technologies may be sophisticated, but they can’t filter leads the same way SDRs can. Experienced SDRs know how to identify qualified leads and get them into your company’s funnel. Instead of paying your staff to sift through leads that lack quality, you can pay them to focus on strategies that will create revenue growth in the long term.

The bottom line is that SDRs provide efficiency and lead quality that Google ads simply can’t. Yes, there’s a place and time for online ads. Remember, though, that they should be backing up your staff and not the other way around.