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Start Writing: Branding Yourself as a Thought Leader

The Betts Team
April 14, 2016

Thought leader. Industry expert. Influencer. Branding Yourself.

As a young professional in the tech industry, these are words I encounter daily. Whether it’s through drip emails, LinkedIn posts, newsletters or tweets; I am flooded with content authored by people who strive to embody these personas.

For those in the sales community, it is advantageous to create original, meaningful content that others benefit from. It is a medium that helps build a credible personal brand, which ultimately opens professional doors that otherwise stay closed.

The individuals who emerge from the noise and reach true influencer status are often the founders, executives and investors who help build their respective industries. They all seem to share an inspiring journey–ambitious individuals who set off to attain lofty goals. Along the way, these influencers encounter failure, endure emotional pain, adapt their approach countless times, and ultimately achieve success. Their authentic story gives legitimacy to the lessons they share.

Let’s pause here.

I’m 24. I’ve never founded a company. I’ve yet to raise a round of funding. I haven’t grown a company’s ARR from 0 to $40 million. How in the world am I supposed to become an audible voice amongst the industry titans? This is a question many young professionals ponder, often coming to the conclusion that their voice doesn’t matter.

Here’s my answer: don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

What do I mean by this? Here’s an example: if you haven’t been involved in scaling a sales team, don’t publish an article on the “10 Steps One Must Take to Successfully Scale a Sales Team.” No one should take advice from someone who hasn’t actually executed on the very thing they expect others to do.

My advice? Reflect on your personal and professional journey. Uncover value from your own experiences and articulate them in ways only you can. Sharing insights on topics you know first hand will generate meaningful engagement for those viewing your content. If you’re a great SDR and have consistently crushed quota for six straight quarters, share the techniques that make you successful! There are plenty of other SDRs who strive to exceed their goals and will benefit from your insight.

If you provide value for even one individual, you’re taking a positive step in building your personal brand.

Thought leaders, experts, and influencers aren’t born overnight– but start taking these steps now and who knows, at the end of your journey, you may just be the thought leader I encounter daily.

This article was originally published by Matt Tamasi on LinkedIn.