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The Best Interview Leadership Questions (And How to Answer Them)

The Best Interview Leadership Questions (And How to Answer Them)

The Betts Team
October 13, 2016

 When interviewing for a management position, the best interview leadership questions speak to your relation to the company and fellow teammates. We’ve highlighted four of the most common and discussed hiring managers ask them and how you should answer them. When it comes to being a Sales Leader, you need a track record of mentorship, respect, and sales success to be a top consideration.

Are You a TOP Performer as an Individual Contributor?

When looking to move into a management position, it is much easier to get promoted internally rather than externally. Being able to show the value you have already brought to your company is a great point to stress during your interview. Demonstrate your value and ability to sell your company’s product with anecdotes about your success in your current revenue-generating role. If you are going to lead a team of salespeople, having metrics that show your sales prowess can be a good indicator that you understand the company inside and out, know how to handle rejections, and are able to get potential clients to close. These are all ideal traits in a Sales Leader. The best lead by example.

Have You been Part of the Hiring Process for Bringing on New Team Members?

Another good experience to highlight is any roles you have played in bringing on new team members to your team. Have you served as a mentor? Have you recommended anyone for a position or promotion? Additionally, being able to lead new members as a Sales Leader requires respect within the company. If you have examples of when you have lead by example and aided fellow teammates, you can demonstrate your ability to be a great driver. Having positive interactions with new team members as a teammate is the ideal foundation of a future manager.

Have You Created Any Sales Playbooks or Training Materials?

Demonstrating great sales experience is on thing, but being able to point to materials that help others emulate your success is an even better indication of your management ability. If you’re considering moving into a management position, try generating a new playbook for your team and having them implement it before you begin interviewing. A key management trait is being able to teach. If you are great at sales but don’t have the means to help others find their own success then you are more valuable to the company as an individual contributor than a team lead. Additionally, writing out your own process is also great practice for identifying your strengths and the skills you have developed over time.

What Experience Do You Have as a Mentor or Team Lead?

Lastly, having prior leadership or mentorship experience is integral to a management interview. Regardless of whether or not this experience was gained at your current company, or even in a professional atmosphere, make sure you prepare for your interview by outlining these familiarities. Oftentimes, dynamism and motivational skills can be perceived from external instances. Give your hiring manager every opportunity to see how you are able to lead a team, develop and achieve goals, and above all, create more sales leaders behind you.