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Tech on the Rise- Mobile Platforms for Customer Loyalty Programs

Tech on the Rise: Mobile Platforms for Customer Loyalty Programs

The Betts Team
July 3, 2013

High on the rise in tech, mobile customer loyalty programs are becoming increasingly popular among companies and customers alike. Now that the majority of companies use rewards programs, getting in the mobile space is going to create a major breakthrough for companies that make these platforms so easily accessible for businesses and customers to use.

For anyone unfamiliar with customer loyalty programs, the purpose of them is to encourage loyal buying behavior from already existing customers and to reel in new customers so they have reason to come back. Incorporating loyalty programs into your business is also a way to show your customers that they are a valued part of your business. Now it is time for companies to move away from paper punch cards and move towards mobile apps that include alternative payment platforms and incentive programs for loyal customers.

This is exciting news for two of our clients, LoyalBlocks and Belly, which specialize in making it easy for businesses to implement these programs into their business models. Their goal is to make reward programs easy to use, accessible, and convenient for customers. These apps enable automated, hand-free punch cards and customer rewards along with easy-to-navigate dashboards and social marketing features that give the companies that use them more exposure through sites like Facebook and Yelp. The apps also allow companies to keep track of customer activity and demographics, modify an individual member’s points, verify reward redemption and acknowledge top customers. LoyalBlocks and Belly are both currently dominating the market for mobile loyalty program platforms and we expect that even as competition grows, these two companies will continue to overpower the mobile app sphere for rewards programs.

Are you wondering how these tech programs relate to you? If you are on the East coast, enjoy great benefits from places like Bareburger, Nanoosh, Oliviera Liquors and Pop’s Brooklyn. If you are located on the West coast sign up for Belly to enjoy rewards from La Luna Cupcakes, Le Beau Market, Village Pets, Smitten Ice Cream, Nice Cream and more. By signing up for these rewards programs, you are able to use your card at any of the company’s thousands of client locations to get discounts, incentives and special deals. By signing up for customer loyalty programs, you will be treated like royalty!