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7 Tech Resources You Must Check Before Interviews

The Betts Team
October 12, 2016

What do you really need to research about companies before interviews? Understanding their competitive landscape, recent news and funding levels are all important pieces of information to convey with hiring managers. 

I always recommend the following tech resources to job seekers before interviews. Check out these seven websites to stay on top of the technology industry:

Tech Resources Interview Research Betts Recruiting


1) Best Website for Tech Startup News? TechCrunch

For news about technology, business and mobile technology, TechCrunch articles are quick reads on the latest startup news.

2) Best Real-Time Database? Crunchbase 

I use this database to read high-level overviews about companies. Crunchbase summarizes company products or services in one sentence. Reading these quick “elevator pitches” helps me keep my perspective clear and succinct. Even better, Crunchbase is my go-to resource for company funding levels and investors over time.

3) Best Sales and Marketing Blog on the Internet? HubSpot

HubSpot is 9 times out of 10 the first Google result for any sales or marketing question I have. They have expert content writers who provide industry context, relevant links, countless free templates, and other valuable resources for improving skillsets.

4) Industry Competitors and Positioning? Owler

Take your company knowledge up a notch and study the industry landscape. Owler creates in-depth profiles on companies’ performance stats, top competitors and industry positioning. Hiring managers will be impressed if you know who they compete with and how their company prevails.

5) Looking for Thoughtfully-Executed Tech Events? VentureBeat 

VentureBeat curates thought leadership tech events nationwide and primarily covers technology news.

6) Need a Boost of Inspiration? TED Talks

TED Talks are typically very experienced or powerful public speakers talking for 18 minutes or less. Topics range from influential life advice and recent tech advances to global societal issues. These are the perfect motivational boost if you’re stressed about your job search.

7) Want On-the-Go Expert Advice? Bowery Capital Podcasts 

Based out of New York City and San Francisco, Bowery Capital podcasts are the perfect resource to stay on top of sales tactics from top experts in the startup investment space.

Want a pro tip? Bookmark each of these websites and resources. This knowledge helps you understand company values, prepare thoughtful questions, and evaluate if the company is a culture you want to join.

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