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Woman with laptop and tea working from home Betts Recruiting

3 Tips for Remote Work in the Time of Coronavirus

By Nick O'Brien / March 11, 2020
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First it was in the news as a virus spreading around a city in China. Now coronavirus is in the US, and tech companies across the country are urging their employees to work from home. Some are even shutting down their offices and switching over entirely to remote work.    The new coronavirus is scary,…

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How to make virtual conferences work for you

How to Make Virtual Conferences Work for You

June 29, 2020

It’s a poorly kept secret that the best networking and closing that happens at conferences and trade shows is in the hallways and over the tray of mini muffins – not in the sessions. Now that virtual conferences are the norm, how can ambitious sales and marketing professionals network without the handshakes? How can brands…

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Stuff people in Zoom rooms say blog header

Stuff People in Zoom Rooms Say

June 26, 2020

Now that we’ve all been living the remote work life for a few months, there are a few things we’ve grown accustomed to. Things like: The mail truck coming by and still not delivering the new shoes you ordered two weeks ago. Staring out the window at your neighbors sunbathing in the back yard at…

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What to do when your Zoom interview hits technical trouble blog header

What to Do When Your Zoom Interview Hits Technical Trouble

June 24, 2020

Remote working has grown from an emerging trend to becoming the primary working model in this hyper-digital economy.   This change has benefited Zoom, which continues to skyrocket as one of the most popular video conferencing platforms. It’s practically a necessity for candidates looking to bag their next job interview.   That is, until something…

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Creating remote conference rooms for remote workers blog header

Can You Create Remote Conference Rooms for Remote Workers?

June 23, 2020

Zoom has been a miracle worker for companies everywhere as the business world settles into remote work. Whether for one-on-ones, team meetings, or a company-wide all-hands, Zoom (or some other video conferencing tool) has been the go-to resource just about every single time.    By and large, though, the way teams and companies think about…

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Whats the best video conferencing tool

Which Video Conferencing Tool Is Right for Your Team?

June 5, 2020

With the business world working from home, video conferencing has become the go-to way to connect with your team. Whether for meetings or casual ad-hoc check-ins, we’re now communicating with our colleagues as a face in a box on a screen.   Zoom has become shorthand for these communications – the platform seems to have…

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Team building remote companies blog header

Team Building Activities for a Remote Company Culture

June 3, 2020

There are plenty of challenges to being a manager. But when your whole team is remote, the hardest part might be keeping everyone spiritually together when they’re physically far apart. With few opportunities to check in with the people you manage outside of Zoom meetings and Slack messages, team building activities are more useful than…

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What Happens to Your Work Life Balance When You Go Remote?

April 21, 2020

Ah, work life balance. Everybody needs it, so as to stay sane in a demanding economy. Yet nobody wants to bring it up in an interview, so as to avoid the appearance of having a weak work ethic.    The fact is that work life balance is important for us all to think about, whether…

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Woman with iPad in remote interview blog header

3 Tips for Interviewing Remote Candidates

March 25, 2020

Maybe your hiring is chugging along. Maybe you’ve had to pause it until further notice. Whatever the case, there’s a strong chance that the next interview you have with a candidate will take place remotely. There’s also a strong chance that the role you’re interviewing them for will, itself, be remote.    It may be…

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Remote workstation with laptop and coffee cup blog header

Interview Tips for Remote Positions

March 24, 2020

Have you ever found yourself wishing your company had a more flexible work from home policy? Well, be careful what you wish for, because you might have a lot of working from home in your future. The current public health situation has caused companies everywhere to embrace the benefits of working from home and make…

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