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Simple Ways To Destress Your Life

Simple Ways To Destress Your Life

The Betts Team
April 24, 2018

Work and life, in general, can be stressful. It’s certainly not uncommon to be go-go-go with our careers these days. But it’s a good idea to stop and unwind from work for your own sanity. Here are a few simple ways to do so:

Exercise is your friend

I know. It’s hard to get to the gym. I mean, with numbers and deadlines to hit, post-work networking activities, it can feel like an endless day. However, in addition to burning calories, it’s a FACT that exercise helps greatly reduce stress and anxiety. So, get out there and kick some butt! Even if it’s just a speed walk. Start somewhere and get your body moving!

Assess your caffeine intake

Mornings aren’t the most exciting part of the day for many people, and when you’re super stressed, mornings in general can exasperate things. So, that morning cup of joe is a way to kick-start your day. Studies show that the jolt you’re getting from your morning coffee (or any other time of day for that matter) can actually induce anxiety. So, instead try making a healthy, realistic swap. Part of the morning coffee routine is just having something to look forward to, so try a delicious herbal tea or a number of coffee alternatives such as Sutra, which offers a natural energy boost.

Healthy food or bust

Let’s chat about what foods are helpful and harmful when it comes to stress and anxiety. Sugary processed foods taste good in the moment but try swapping them out for healthier options like blueberries, almonds, or those leafy greens your mother always told you to eat. While this won’t cure anxiety, whole foods and a balanced diet will help your mental well-being.

Take a breath

We’ve all heard it before when we are stressed, “breeeeaaathe.” That’s because it works. Take a moment. Close your eyes, become present and find your breath. Mastering some breathing techniques gives you a way to consciously calm your mind. This can also help with those sleepless nights. There are a number of apps that can quickly help with this simple, yet immensely helpful way to relieve stress and anxiety.

Take control of what you can

Not feeling like you’re in control of your life can lead to some debilitating stress and anxiety. Good news is that there are some quick fixes that will help: Don’t try to do it all at once. Slow down. Make a to-do list. Prioritize. Also, getting your inbox in control can be helpful. Here are some tips. Even just taking a few moments to straighten up your space will leave you feeling much more in control.

Take a vacation

No, don’t just take a few days off, hang out at home, and check in on email. If you’re always on, and always at work, you’re always contributing to stress. You’ve been working hard! You deserve that vacation. Take one that allows you and yours to decompress, and hell, you may as well see someplace new while you’re at it. Above all, be sure that you are physically and mentally away on vacation. This way, you will feel much more revived and more productive when you return.

Get a hobby

Typically when people say this phrase, we take it negatively. But this is a true stress reliever. A good hobby (photography, hiking, cooking, painting, the possibilities are endless) allows you to put your body and mind to work in a way that isn’t job-related. The important thing is that it makes you happy. A hobby not only helps you relax but helps to remind you why you do what you do!

Remind yourself what you have accomplished

It’s always good to remind yourself that YOU ARE AMAZING! Write down all of the accomplishments you have made at work. Whenever you are feeling that bought of anxiety coming along, revisit that list, and remind yourself that you are kicking ass. Here are a few more mindful ways to remind yourself just how much you kick ass.

If you’re overwhelmed and unable to function elsewhere, it’s time to step back and figure out what can make you feel happy. Work is just one of many facets of life. Some stress might be normal, but it should not rule your life. Here are some signs that it’s time for a job change. If that’s the route you need to go, we can help you find that job you’ve always wanted!