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SFW (Safe for Work) Halloween Costumes

Safe for Work Halloween Costumes

The Betts Team
October 8, 2015

You probably have someone in your office that loves Halloween; maybe that person is you (it’s definitely me). Don’t fight the Halloween spirit, because it will win. If your office is hosting a Halloween party or costume contest get in on that! Shed your office shell and ride that elevator to the top floor ready to own your new look.

We’ve come up with a list of costumes that are not only work appropriate, but they’re inspired by our favorite work themed movies, shows, and pop culture references.

Mad Men 

This is a great one if you want to get fancy for the day. Go glam as your most loved character from Mad Men. If you want scotch (who doesn’t?), it will only contribute more to your costume. Ladies, break out the pumps and pantyhose. Everyone? Hair gel.


Office Space 

Gather some starched button-downs, suspenders, and wire-rimmed glasses with your best “ummm…yeahhh…” for the iconic Lumbergh. With a tie, a red stapler, and aloof persona you can be the office’s perfect Milton.



A white short sleeved shirt and a wire-rigged tie with round glasses will get you into the spirit of everyone’s favorite cubicle king. Find yourself a Dogbert figurine to really seal the deal on this one.


Working girl

Do your best Tess McGill and aim for the top. Break out (or thrift for) your favorite 80s blazer and don’t hold back on the hair teasing, or the makeup. Don’t. Hold. Back.


Take that “9-5” professional look and then roll around on a the floor a bit to get a good level of disheveled going on. Slide your tie to the side and look like you’re trying really hard to pay attention. Probably don’t quote the show though, that’s NSFW.


I guess, if you really don’t want to wear a costume, spread the cheer of the Halloween season with this classic line.

What is your office doing for Halloween?