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The Resume Still Relevant

The Resume: Still Relevant?

The Betts Team
December 26, 2013

Even after the invention of social media, the resume is something you still need to have, but it is not all that you need to have. If you are thinking about looking for a new job you need to make sure your resume, Linkedin, twitter, and anything else that is social is up to date.

“Your resume needs to read like a baseball card” a coworker once told me.

Someone needs to look at your resume and know every highlight that has happen over your past working years. Looking at a baseball card you have lots and lots of numbers, treat your application the exact same way. Make sure to include goal attainment, relationships managed, calls made a day, etc. Having all of these on a resume will help the hiring manager know exactly who you are and what you have accomplished.

A couple other things that I like to include are interests, and books read or courses taken in your field. Including these sections on the resume will help the person understand who you are as a person.

Of course the resume is not the only thing you need to have prepared for the interview. You need to have your LinkedIn updated, your personal website looking good and references ready to go. Most people are going to Google you when you start to interview, make sure you know what comes up when someone does this.

In the end I think it is best to make sure your resume, LinkedIn, personal website and social media is set and ready when you begin to interview. The resume is far from dead; I think it is now one of many things that tell’s a story about you and why you are a good fit for the company.

Braydan Young is a New Business Manager at Betts Recruiting. He is the point of contact at Betts for new companies looking to hire sales or marketing. If you are looking to utilize Betts Recruiting for your hiring needs, you can reach Braydan at [email protected] or 415-318-7417.