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Recruiting New York Expands with Neelofer Karimyar

Betts Recruiting New York Expands with Neelofer Karimyar

The Betts Team
June 12, 2015

If you’ve worked with Betts Recruiting, the leading New York Sales Recruiter, it’s likely that you’ve had the opportunity to speak with one of our amazing Recruiting Coordinators (RC’s). They’re the first point of contact for many people looking to partner with us to find their dream job. With a fully formed RC team, we can respond to inbound requests faster, and you actually speak to a human when you call!

The benefits of an RC team are apparent not just to our candidates, but also to clients and companies looking to hire. Because of the attention to detail and time spent vetting candidates before they enter the candidate pool, hiring managers see more candidates with higher talent. Having a dedicated RC team also allows us to quickly source candidates for specific company requests, reducing time-to-hire.

Our RC team is led in San Francisco by Anne Lewis, who has paved the way for RC growth and a company-wide expansion. We’re happy to announce that Neelofer Karimyar will be joining Betts Recruiting New York to lead their stellar RC team and keep Betts Recruiting on a path to worldwide success.

Neelofer started at Betts Recruiting as our Office Manager in January 2014. Since then, she’s become an integral part of the Betts Recruiting team. She helped move us from our old office to our current chic space in the Financial District. When an RC position opened up, she knew she wanted to take that step and challenge herself in her career. Neelofer started on the RC team that was led by our current New York Managing Director, Jamie Coakley. After “killing it” as an RC, Neelofer quickly became a Marketing Recruiter and saw the need for both an RC team and Marketing division in NYC. What an amazing year!

To get started for the move, she’s been working with Anne to form a game plan for NYC and create the RC Manager “Dream Team.” As an RC, Neelofer learned how to celebrate the little victories, and be the face (and voice) of Betts Recruiting on the phone, in person, and online. Our current RC’s quickly learn the value of following through with candidates and how to scale faster as a recruiter down the road.

July is surely going to be an exciting summer month in NYC, and if you’re looking to get involved with Betts Recruiting, this is a great chance to do so. If you want to join the team contact: Neelofer Karimyar at [email protected]

New York
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