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recruiting industry myths busted

5 Recruiting Industry Myths You Need to Know

The Betts Team
January 12, 2016

If you’re searching for a job, you’ve probably spent time sending your resume off into the “black hole,” cruising job boards, and doing your best at networking events. However, there’s something holding you back from trusting the recruiting industry.

Maybe it’s the aggressive “headhunter” association or you’re just not sure how to approach a recruiter or a recruiting agency. Plenty of clichés and stereotypes surround the recruiting industry. But not everything you may have heard is the bona fide truth.

Here are the five recruiting industry myths you need to know the truth:

Recruiting Industry Myth #1: I Have to Pay for a Recruiter’s Help

Good news: you don’t have to! Working with us is $FREE .99! (aka: Nothing comes out of your pocket.) Job seekers are our bread and butter. We NEED awesome candidates in order to do our jobs and we want to work with you at no cost.

Recruiting Industry Myth #2: Don’t Have Enough Time For a Recruiter

FALSE. Recruiters are used to working with candidates who are currently employed, s0 we understand the time constraints you have. We’re not looking to weigh you down with hundreds of emails, texts, and calls. When it comes to meeting with you in-person, that happens at the beginning of the process so we can establish good rapport and make a face-to-face connection. Remember: We’re here to help you get a job.

Recruiting Industry Myth #3: I’ll Get Caught Sneaking Around at Work

FALSE. (Well, not if you’re careful.) As someone who has successfully worked with recruiters while simultaneously managing the day-to-day responsibilities of a job, I understand the stress of being “found out” by a boss or coworker. In fact, some of my colleagues have openly admitted to speaking with candidates who are taking calls from their cars and/or bathroom stalls. If there’s a will, there’s a way! At the end of the day, we know job searching is a challenge and we’ve got your back. (See Myth #2.)

Recruiting Industry Myth #4: I’m Unemployed. No Recruiters Will Want to Work With Me.

FALSE. SO FALSE. Life happens, companies change and downsize, and sometimes a fit just isn’t right. We understand that and we’re more than willing to work with candidates who are in-between jobs. Note: Be upfront. Getting crafty with your predicament, (i.e. “I’ve been doing private consulting for my neighbor’s cats out of my basement since August.”), won’t fool anyone. Just own it—and make sure you have a good idea of what role you’re targeting next.

Recruiting Industry Myth #5: I Won’t Get Sent on the Interviews I Want

FALSE. Not every person who walks in our door is going to be right for every job. That’s why different recruiting agencies are tapped into specific industries. Similarly, various recruiters are segmented by job function and position. When you decide to work with a recruiter, you’re increasing the odds of finding a job—one that fits your skill set and is in line with what experience you have. It’s our job (and in everyone’s best interest) to set you up with the companies that best match your interests and qualifications. If you maintain a realistic outlook and accept your strengths and weaknesses, we’re going to have a beautiful relationship.

So the next time your friend suggests hightailing it over to a staffing agency or you receive one of those highly enviable LinkedIn messages from one of us “pesky headhunters,” just remember we’re not all that bad. (In fact, why don’t you beat me to the punch; connect with me right now on LinkedIn or shoot me an email at [email protected].)

Twenty bucks says we’re going to take some stress out of your life. And that’s a cliché worth taking a risk on.