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Questions To Ask Before You Hire

The Betts Team
August 1, 2016

Hiring a new employee shouldn’t be an overwhelming process; however, it is important to do some prep work before you hire. In advance of posting a job online and starting your search, you should set out the basics. We’ve outlined some of the questions a company should ask themselves ahead of starting the hiring process. Can you answer them?

What is your urgency?

Before you hire, always outline how quickly your company needs the new position filled. Understanding how quickly you need to find the right candidate can affect how you view the hiring process. For quick hires, group hiring events and multiple interviews a day might be necessary. Hiring managers should sit down with the company’s executive board to draw out the ideal timeline for each hire.

What makes your company exciting?

Oftentimes, hiring managers can lose sight of the fact that not everyone knows about their company’s mission or product. Take the time to outline why your company should be appealing to candidates. The main mission of your company and how it is affecting your industry should be included in a job description. Being able to illustrate this to job seekers early on will increase the number of applications you have to choose from and will ultimately help you convince the top applicants to take the job in the end!

What are your specifications?

Filling a position is one thing, but understanding the specifics of a role is another. Move beyond just the title and department and delve into the skills your future employee will need to know to do the job at hand. Are there specific programs they need to be fluent in? What kind of professional background should they have? What industry are you looking to hire from? Outlining necessary requirements ahead of time will ensure you’re not wasting time interviewing potential employees who won’t be able to handle the role.

What will you pay?

Compensation ranges should be stated before you hire a new employee. This will help target your job search to the right levels of experience and narrow down the applicant field. Knowing the salary of the position can also influence the urgency of hiring for that position. The more senior a role, the longer it will take to find the right fit for your company. Having compensation set out ahead of time will also make the interview process more transparent and set clear parameters for hiring managers.