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Path…Limiting Your Social Network?

The Betts Team
April 14, 2012

Today social media is all about adding, networking with more people on LinkedIn, connecting with old classmates on Facebook and getting more followers on twitter – hence the creation of your social network. But thanks to a 2010 startup, Path , you can now limit the personal “journal” as they call it or journey of your “path”. Clever eh?

What is Path?

Path allows you to add friends and family who you would most want to share your life with. From check-ins to what you’re listening to, it is only allowed to certain people that you personally specify. Not want everyone to know that you and your best friends are on your third wine tasting in Napa in three months? Only share it with them on Path! And in the case that you find yourself at AT&T park, running into and grabbing a picture with Willie McCovy, Path can post it to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or Tumblr for you.

Recently, Path, which has gained a lot of publicity with the visit of Britney Spears, has also launched a series B round funding for up to $30M. So if you haven’t joined yet, try it out! It may be nice for you to take a break from over sharing and networking to find a new Path!