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How to Overcome the Number One Recruiting Challenge

How to Overcome the Number One Recruiting Challenge

The Betts Team
September 15, 2011

recruitingThe most challenging part of recruiting is finding the best talent.

You must continually build your pipeline of candidates if you’re in recruiting.  Try not to spread yourself too thin.  Pick a few areas that you enjoy to recruit for.  For example:  Account Executives, Sales Managers, or Product Marketing.  You’ll start to notice a trend because this is when referrals come into play.

At the end of my recruitment calls I always ask my sales and lead gen candidates who their best Marketing and Sales Manager has been since they entered the tech sales world.  This referral could potentially turn into a new candidate or possibly a new client.

Another way to uncover top talent is by being a proactive recruiter, not a reactive recruiter.  Your search for the best talent is an ongoing one.  Even if you don’t have an open position at the time.  You never know what opportunity will be presented.  Your best candidates are usually the ones you met months or years before your search became underway.

By Andy Nixon, Director of Sales – Betts Recruiting

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