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On the Podcast Circuit: How to Get Hired in a Pandemic

Carolyn Betts Fleming
April 29, 2020

If there’s anyone who knows how to connect with insightful people and find great stories from the business world, it’s Ian Lenhart. That’s why I was so honored to appear on his podcast LenJones Party of 2 earlier this month to talk about getting hired during a pandemic. We had a great chat about the challenges that the coronavirus pandemic has presented to professionals trying to build their careers, as well as – and this is the key thing to remember – how those people can access the many opportunities that are still out there, in spite of everything. 

If you haven’t caught the podcast yet, you can watch it here, or over on Ian’s site.
I had a great time on Ian Lenhart’s podcast

Key topics covered in the podcast

How to get hired amid hiring freezes

What can you do to make yourself recession-proof? On the podcast, we talked about how grit, coachability, intelligence, and other key qualities can make you an in-demand professional regardless of the current economic outlook.

Lessons learned when bootstrapping a company

We chatted about how my experience working in the recruiting industry led me to the decision to start Betts Recruiting and bootstrap it into what we are now. Key takeaway: I couldn’t have done it without our incredible team!

How to scale with limited resources

You don’t bootstrap a company without sometimes having to get creative, and figure out how to do more with less.

Strategies for making yourself stand out

People currently on the job market are facing more competition than we’ve seen in a long, long time. We talk about how to leverage your professional connections to get your resume to the top of the pile – and why my advice is to never apply to a company directly. 

Listen to our conversation for more. And check out the other episodes of Ian Lenhart’s podcast for plenty of other fascinating conversations with business leaders.