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new york sales recruiter

New York Sales Recruiter

The Betts Team
January 19, 2015

New York sales recruiter matching innovative companies with top-tiered revenue generating talent…


New York Headquarters
270 Lafayette, Suite 208
New York, NY 10012
Local Number: (212) 223-9054

The thriving tech scene of New York has grown over five times the growth of tech jobs nationally, and with it, so has the need to support the growing pains of tech companies. With the launch of our New York office in 2012 we began our journey as New York sales recruiter matching top talent with growing companies throughout the greater New York area.

Since we first opened our doors, Betts Recruiting has focused on matching innovative companies with top-tiered revenue generating talent. From working with hundreds of cutting edge startups based in New York, around the country, and internationally we truly understand the daunting task of scaling your team and finding the right people for your company’s unique needs and culture.

Unlike other recruiting firms, here at Betts Recruiting we’ve built specialized teams in order to focus on each aspect of the hiring process. This allows us to become true specialists in all the roles you’re looking to fill.

Additionally, we use a consultative approach, and meet with each of our clients in order to discover what exactly their needs are, and put together a customized plan to help them get there.

Whether you’re looking for one all-star VP of Sales to build our your entire sales arm, or an army of sales development representatives to crush their quotas, Betts Recruiting is here to help.

Connect with our Betts Recruiting New York hiring specialists today, and see how we can help you reach your goals.

“The quality of candidates that Betts Recruiting delivers is generally higher than any other recruiting firms that we work with. The success rate from resume to interview, and interview to offer, are higher than anyone else.” – Sam Blond, Zenefits VP Sales

New York Recruiter