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Loving What You Do - Finding the Right Job

Loving What You Do – Finding the Right Job

Carolyn Betts Fleming
February 27, 2014

Finding “true happiness” and balance is a goal that we can all relate to. How to achieve this fulfillment within one’s life is a hot topic in the media. While some may be a fan of traveling and others may swear by a continual yoga practice, almost everyone can relate to the desire to find happiness within their career. “We Love What We Do” is one of our core values at Betts Recruiting, and one that we are trying to instill in our candidates. Loving what you do is crucial to job performance and realizing your true potential. Without passion and happiness within your career, making the necessary steps in order to better yourself and your business are downright painful.
A person’s job satisfaction has been found to have a direct correlation to their overall happiness. While this may seem obvious, work stress has been found to negatively affect a person’s health. Studies have shown that stress can lead to something as small as headaches and weight gain, to something as serious as cardiovascular disease or depression. If you are currently employed in a job that gives you no satisfaction, it is important to try to keep an active lifestyle and find fulfillment outside of work in order to maintain your sanity and health.
Feeling stuck in a job where you are unhappy can be frustrating and looking for a new job can seem daunting; however, there are always options. The first step to take is to identify what you are passionate about and what type of role would bring you joy. Taking time now to identify what would bring you career bliss can save you a lot of time and hassle; you don’t want to leave an unsatisfying job just to end up in another one.
While we know the effects of a stressful, unfulfilling job, it is sometimes difficult to identify the key factors in a job that promote happiness and overall well-being. Here are some factors to that you should consider as you are searching for your new job:


The saying “time flies by when you’re having fun” is well known because it rings so true to the heart. Spending time working towards a goal that you find meaning in and have passion for, not only brings joy and a sense of accomplishment, but also makes your time feel worthwhile. Instead of watching the clock until you can leave your office, you will be relishing in your time there.

Work/Life Balance

Working in an environment where you are encouraged to thrive outside of the office is up-lifting. From having the flexibility to make a weekly workout class to having the freedom to plan a trip to Europe, work should allow for you to experience other areas of your life to their full potential.


As children, we are rewarded with gold stars and treats, and while that is clearly too childish for the work environment, it is nice to get recognized for your hard work. Something as simple as a verbal acknowledgement can be priceless. Some companies implement systems in order to publicly recognize their employees who have gone the extra mile with different “Clubs” they can belong to or by company wide email recognition.

Opportunity to Grow

Room for progression fosters an environment of continual self-education. It encourages workers to achieve at a their highest level. It can show that a company values your personal goals, and when growth is achieved, it can be the highest form of recognition.
Now that we have reviewed some values that you may want to consider when looking for your next position, it is time to look at different avenues in order make a career change. One way to do that is to connect with your network in order to find new opportunities. Your network can be a great resource since you won’t be working with a blank slate during an interview, but instead be able to expand upon your personal relationship. Another avenue during the job search can be to use a recruiting agency.
Recruiters are paid to listen to your needs and place you in a job that is mutually beneficial to you and the company; we like to call it “professional matchmaking”. Lastly, the job search can be made easy by using the Internet. Sites such as, LinkedIn and Monster, post a wide array of jobs that are often just as simple to apply to as attaching a resume. No matter what avenue you use to place you in a career you love, do not stay in a job you loathe when your potential dream job is still out there.