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Betts Recruiting Juma Days

Betts Recruiting & Juma Community Day at AT&T Park

The Betts Team
September 28, 2012

At Thursday’s SF Giants game against the Diamond Backs, we left our high heels and fancy business attire at home, threw on our athletic shoes, and hiked the AT&T Park stadium steps with 15 lb bags of ice cream.  Not only did the fans experience a triumphant 7-3 victory for the Giants, but they also had the luxury of buying their ballpark goodies from our very own Betts Recruiting team.

JUMA Ventures

Juma Ventures is a non-profit youth development program dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty. The program provides students with the resources they need to complete a four-year college degree. Betts had ten volunteers serving the SF Giants community, literally serving, in order to help raise money for underprivileged teens.

On Average, Juma sells just about $7,000 worth of ice cream, nuts, and corn dogs and other favorite ballpark snacks to the sold out crowd per game. We took on these vender duties in order to give back to our community. The profits also raise money for youth lacking tools needed to overcome financial barriers. The program also focuses on the transition into a life of higher education and greater success. Juma noted beforehand that this opportunity is best suited for those who are “motivated and outgoing individuals. These people are eager for a challenge and up to the physical demands of a day of vending,” which, wholeheartedly describes our team at Betts Recruiting.

Community Service Day at the park gives volunteers a unique teambuilding challenge. We had such a fun experience serving the community around us!  Betts came with positive attitudes and passion for helping others. Our hours of hollering for ice cream and miles of hiking up stairs will ultimately assist in creating hundreds of jobs through the proceeds given to Juma, something we value highly.

An SF Giants victory: check.

Happy fans with full bellies of ice cream: check. Impoverished students going to college: check. Fulfilled Betts Recruiting volunteers: check.