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10 things must do before after job interview

10 Things You Must Do Before and After a Job Interview

The Betts Team
January 27, 2015

Are you ready for a job interview? Maybe you’re looking for more responsibility in your current role, an opportunity to move up, or want to feel more fulfilled at the end of the day. Before you start exploring new options in your career, there are a few basics you need to cover that be in the best position to land your dream job.

Complete this checklist before and after every job interview to set yourself up for success!

1. Update your LinkedIn profile to match your resume.

  • Add projects and presentations to your profile, if applicable.

2. Make sure you have a high-quality picture on your LinkedIn profile.

  • No selfies!

3. Look to see if anyone in your LinkedIn network is connected to someone at your target company.

  • Ask them who is involved in the hiring process and for an introduction.  You should do this earlier than later!

4. Research the company before you go in.

  • Know what they do and be able to pitch it if asked.

5. Know where you are going for your job interview.

  • Map the address ahead of time, leave additional time for traffic and arrive early!

6. Dress appropriately at the interview.

  • When in doubt, overdress, or just ask them.  You only have one chance to make a first impression.

7. Bring hard copies of your resume to each interview.

  • Make sure you have one for each person you are scheduled to meet.

8. Don’t forget to ask questions on your interview.

  • Come with a list of questions about company culture, expectations for your position, and measures of success.  Bring the list and take notes. Check out our step-by-step Interview Handbook for more tips.

9. After your interview, follow up the same day.

  • You should send a thank you email to everyone you met with that day. Make sure you send a personalized email to each contact individually.

10. Have fun!

  • Job interviews allow you to meet new people, network with industry leaders, and learn more about potential careers.

Following these guidelines will help you rock your interviews, impress industry VIPs, and land your dream job.  Good luck!