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Job Hunt 101 for College Grads

The Betts Team
July 18, 2011

So, you have already completed your graduation or post graduation and now looking for a job. What do you think that the corporate world is looking in you? Are you actually ready to market yourself and face pressure of expectations?

Having interviewed several hundreds of interviewees in the last couple of months, I believe that the youngsters can often times be ill-prepared. They miss the killer-instinct and spark that is required by the corporate world and their attitude is not just appropriate.

Who is to be blamed for this – the candidate or the institute? In this write-up we list the bare-minimum expectations by corporate world from fresh graduates and how one should prepare for the reality check.

Minimum expectations from Candidates:

  1. Domain knowledge – We are aware that the candidate is raw and fresh and may have no work experience. Therefore, a candidate is expected to have thorough knowledge of what they have studied including the in-depth understanding of their projects and assignments. There must be a reason for everything and anything that they have mentioned in their profile.
  2. Right attitude – Being hard-working is no longer a powerful selection criteria. Remember that you are not applying for a job in a factory. Passion, enthusiasm, high-energy, self-discipline, self-awareness, self-belief, zeal to learn, sincerity and honesty are some of the traits that any corporate looks for and these individual characteristics must be visible and demonstrative.
  3. Knowledge about the industry/company – If you are preparing for campus interviews, you were given enough time to research about companies that are expected to visit the campus and if you reaching out to various companies on your own then the onus is on you to spend considerable time to know about the company and the industry. Also, you must analyze how your profile and skills will fit into the proposed role. This shows your seriousness and interest level to be a part of the company to which you have applied. If you are applying for multiple roles in multiple companies then you must at least prepare a list of companies that you have applied along with the respective roles and spend time to research about those companies.
  4. Clarity of thoughts – The onus is on you to find the right kind of role for yourself and not vice-versa. Therefore, one must spend time to assess their strengths and weaknesses. You should know what you want from your life and to what extent you are willing to go to get what you want. It irritates the interviewer when you say that you are open for any kind of job or role. You must also be confident in your responses.
  5. Logical approach – Your answers and responses must be logically correct and sensible. For example, just because you have taken a loan for your education or that you have family to support does not qualify you for a high salary package, if you are not worthy of it. Similarly, the fact that you have some experience, does not qualify you for a senior role if you do not have the required skills.

Of course this is not an exclusive list, but these pointers should help you get started when preparing for an interview.