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If I Were 22 – My Top 8 Job Hunting Tips

If I Were 22 – My Top 8 Job Hunting Tips

Carolyn Betts Fleming
December 9, 2014

As the Founder & CEO of Betts Recruiting, I’ve worked with a lot of young professionals who are trying to enter the professional world and pave the way for the rest of their careers.

Determine your own destiny – Life doesn’t happen to you, you make life happen. Think about what your goals are and start driving toward them now. Don’t wait… life’s too short.

Always bring a resume – Yes, I am sure they’ve seen it via email, I am sure they’ve already looked you up on social media, but bringing a resume shows a potential employer so much more than just your experience. It shows that you plan ahead, that you come prepared, that you’ve anticipated meeting other people who haven’t seen your background and much more. At our company, if you don’t bring a resume, the interview stops right there.

Have options – It never hurts to have options. Interview at a handful of companies so you understand what you want and where you fit in. Get a few offers and compare them side-by-side. You’ll meet people who you will run into throughout your career.

Go with your gut – If it feels right, go for it. If you like your potential boss, co-workers, company and product, accept the job. If it doesn’t, don’t. But be sure to understand why, so you can target opportunities that are a better fit for you moving forward. For me, I accepted the first job offers I received for the first two jobs in my career pretty much on the spot. When I finished the interview processes, it felt right, so I went with my gut. I am still confident now that I made the right decisions.

Don’t be a job hopper – Employers are looking for people that are hard working, committed and dedicated. When someone hops from job to job, year after year, it makes you think that the person is unable to ride the ups and downs that come with the challenges professionals face every day. It’s perceived even worse if you don’t stick it out for a year. The ideal time to stay at a job is 3-5 years.

Love what you do – You spend more time at work than you do with your friends and family, so it’s important to enjoy it. This is so important to me that it’s one of my personal core values and one of the values of my company. When you love what you do, it doesn’t seem like work, and you’ll be more successful because you’re passionate.

Be open – Your first job won’t be the most glamorous job you’ll ever have. You’ll likely have to start at the bottom and prove yourself. In order to get the job of your dreams you have to start somewhere. When you get into a company you love, work hard, prove yourself, gain experience and have success stories. It’ll pay off when you’re interviewing for a promotion or for your next job. My first job was selling Yellow Page ads, and I am referring to the actual book. It was tough, I cold called, I met in person, and I went door to door. I ended up outperforming my co-workers and had a ton of success. It’s still a great story I tell about my professional development and “earning my stripes” in the sales world.

Make friends with your co-workers – It’s important to have fun where you work and to build genuine relationships. As you move on in your career, it’s beneficial to keep in touch with people you’ve worked with in the past. Most people stay in the same industry, cross paths and do business together in the future.

What did you find most difficult in your job hunting process when you were 22?

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