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How to Prepare for a Second Interview

How to Prepare for a Second Interview

The Betts Team
April 17, 2020

You’ve made it past the first round and are now preparing for a second interview. Below, we’ve outlined 5 tips on how to prepare for a second round and how to move forward in the hiring process.

Dress for Success

A solid first impression is key. Polished and sharp are two adjectives we use at Betts to describe top-notch candidates. At some startups employees wear jeans and a t-shirt, but we recommend business casual attire at the very minimum. “Accessorize” with your own pen and notebook to take notes, as well as enough resumes for everyone you are meeting.

Do Your Homework

With every round of interviewing, be more prepared than the previous round. Who are you speaking with? Did you look at their LinkedIn? Understanding their backgrounds, what role they have in the company, and how they relate to the position you are applying to are important aspects to know as you head into a second interview. Additionally, be extremely well versed on the company.

  • Did you research the company in the news?
  • Did you Google the latest trends in the industry?
  • Do you know what separates this company from its’ competitors?

Moral of the story – you can never do too much research!

Bring More Questions

Asking questions is the best way to show you’re excited about the opportunity. Questions illustrate how much thought you put into this opportunity. We always recommend preparing at least six questions – two about the role, two about the company, and two about your interviewer’s background. Make sure you don’t repeat questions you asked in the first round. Instead, demonstrate active listening skills by incorporating questions that build off the conversation you had in the first round interview.

We always recommend preparing at least six questions – two about the role, two about the company, and two about your interviewer’s background.

Use Your Resources

Do you know someone who works at the company? Reach out to them on LinkedIn! Let them know you’re excited about the interview. Don’t be afraid to ask them for any helpful tips or advice they can offer. You can also shoot your interviewer a LinkedIn connection request prior to your interview with a note: “Looking forward to meeting you!” If you’re truly excited about an opportunity don’t be afraid to show it outside of the interview.

Be Yourself

You made it past the first round. At this point, your resume and first round interview prove you can do the job. Now, hiring managers want to see if you connect with the team. Not every company is going to be a culture fit. That being said, it takes two – you’re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you. Focus on seeing how you feel around the team and whether or not you have similar work habits. At the end of the day, hiring managers want to work alongside the right people. Don’t be nervous – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!