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How to Deal With Interview Nerves

How to Deal With Interview Nerves

The Betts Team
October 17, 2016

No matter how many times you have done an interview, the nervousness never truly goes away. Forget stressing over unimportant things and you’ll find yourself more clearheaded and relaxed. We’ve outlined how to deal with interview nerves so you can make sure you’re well prepared ahead of time.

Do Your Research

Know the company and the people you’re going to meet. Reading through a company’s website can give you insight into the product and culture. Checking the hiring manager’s LinkedIn is a quick way to help you build rapport. Although doing your research before an interview may seem like common sense, don’t put it off until the day before and run out of time!

Prepare Good Questions

Know that you are going to get the chance to ask the hiring manger questions. Don’t come unprepared. Writing out good questions ahead of time not only helps you remember them, but it also helps flesh out ideas. Look up the company in the news and try to ask relevant questions about what is happening in the industry now.

Practice With a Friend

Going through a mock interview is an easy way to see if you know your story and questions. Reading over the same information can make it seem as though you’ve got it down, but saying it to someone is a different story. Work through mental blanks with a friend before heading into an office.

Know Your Route

Always be early to your interview. Make sure you know how to get to the office and that you have the right address. Planning your bus route or pre-scheduling a taxi can help keep you from stressing over unimportant things the day of. Give yourself plenty of time so you can focus on reviewing your prep materials. Avoid unnecessary hassle!

Plan Your Outfit

Even though your impression will be made by your professional experience and personal character, you still have to get dressed in the morning. Laying out your clothing ahead of the time is another way to remove unnecessary roadblocks from the day of your interview. Don’t get overwhelmed when you can’t find your tie or find that the shirt you planned to wear is wrinkled.

Print Your Resume

Double and triple check your resume and then hit print. Bring in extra copies of your resume for any additional people at the company you may be introduced to. Print your resume on resume paper and avoid common errors. Your resume is a representation of your professional career and should demonstrate why you would be a great employee.

Turn Off Your Phone

Lastly, turn off your phone. Having people constantly buzz you because they know you’re headed to an interview can be disconcerting. Let everyone know you’ll call afterwards. Turning off your phone ahead of time can also guarantee that you won’t receive a call during your interview. Removing yourself from excess communication can let you focus on your preparation. Use your time wisely and you’ll do well in any interview!