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How to be the Steph Curry of Sales

The Betts Team
May 12, 2016

If you know Steph Curry, then you know what success is. He’s a player that’s too short for the game, goes up against major league hitters like LeBron James, and still comes out hitting three’s all night. Sales and Steph actually have a lot in common. To be super successful in a sales role, you have to follow the same mantras Steph Curry exudes on and off the court.

Value Your Teammates

Steph Curry knows that having a solid team is the quickest way to success. He relies on every player on the court, and knows when to assist instead of shoot. The Warriors are all about “Strength in Numbers,” and so is the sales industry. To make a great deal become a client takes more than just a sales development representative or account manager. Being supportive of the sales team around you will definitely set you up for more lay-ups ad three pointers than if you were a one-person team.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Shots

Even if no one believes you can make that three-pointer from half-court at the buzzer, take the shot. Steph makes unbelievable plays all of the time. If he didn’t go for it, then the Warriors might not be the amazing team they are today. The same principle applies to sales. Putting yourself out there and going after big clients means you have the potential to win big. If you never step foot on the court, you’ll never get to play. Push yourself to better your approach so you can be an all-star.

Have a Good Attitude

Steph is an amazing player on and off the court. Knowing that your career doesn’t end when 5:00pm hits or the buzzer sounds is definitely a skill. Reputation can go a long way in sales. Make sure your clients and potential clients know you’re a dedicated worker who is invested as much as they are in their company. Steph isn’t “an all around great guy,” by accident. Everything he does follows the values he brings to his professional career.

Setbacks Aren’t Failures

Even amazing players like Steph get injured. You can miss a free throw, foul out of a game, or just get unlucky, but that doesn’t mean you’re bad at what you do. Recognizing that setbacks are going to happen but aren’t reasons to give up is key to sales. As a sales person, you’ll face a lot of rejection, but the success is worth it. Keeping the mentality that you are always training, even through setbacks, is something that true all-stars follow.

Don’t Ride Your Past Successes

Just because you may have won the Championship last year, doesn’t guarantee you’re going to win it this year. Every day is a new game, and each game requires just as much effort to win. In sales, you have to work and getting better and be in the industry for your love of the work. If you love sales as much as Steph loves basketball, you’re guaranteed to be your company’s MVP.