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How Self-Awareness Can Get You Hired Faster

The Betts Team
April 9, 2020

The most “self-aware” thing you can do in a job interview is to ask the hiring manager for live feedback. Two things happen when you ask, “do you have any hesitations moving forward with me?”:

  1. You can address concerns in real-time with a calm demeanor.
  2. You immediately show a level of self-awareness that’s super valuable in workplace environments.

Many job seekers don’t know how to naturally close an interview. Self-awareness is a great skill that you can express with practice. Read on to see how you can make the best interview impressions and get hired faster.

Job interviews are sales. You’ve got to close the hiring manager

How exactly do you “close” a hiring manager? Selling your candidacy starts by taking detailed notes in a small notepad during the interview. This can help strengthen your close by reiterating specific things that resonated with you after meeting different employees. You’ll also have great content for sending personalized thank you notes to each person who interviewed you (these are a must!).

If the role still excites you when the interview is winding down, say to the hiring manager “I’d love to move forward with next steps. Do you have any hesitations? I’d love to chat about them live.” If they say no, great – go for the hard close by mentioning specific things about the job that inspire you to work for the company. If they do share hesitations with you, then it’s important to address them in a calm and thoughtful way.

Addressing negative feedback is tough

Our clients typically say they want to hire “someone who is coachable.” You can easily demonstrate how coachable you are if the hiring manager shares feedback like “I think you may be too junior for this role.”

Do not attack their perspective. Rather, acknowledge where they may be coming from and explain with tangible examples how you’d overcome not having more years of experience. Are they concerned about your company tenure history (also called being “hoppy”)? Then share more context behind those experiences and how this time would be different.

Take feedback with a grain of salt

On top of combating feedback, it’s important to keep a “bird’s-eye view” during your job search. Yes, this hiring manager doesn’t “know you” like your best friend does. But he or she is in the position of power. You won’t necessarily change their mind when addressing their hesitations, but you can exceed their expectations with a solid response.

Job seekers will never know the role or company as well as the hiring manager. That’s why asking for and responding to live feedback is a great way to quickly improve your interview skills and have meaningful conversations. Demonstrate your self-awareness by responding to feedback in a calm manner, and knowing that every interview is a learning experience. If you’re passed on for an opportunity, then you’re one step closer to finding the best job for yourself.

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