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How Does The Recruiting Process Work?

The Betts Team
August 3, 2016

The recruiting process is stereotypically known for having “pushy” recruiters pressuring people to take jobs. At Betts Recruiting, we strive to create the complete opposite experience for our job seekers. We value building genuine relationships and working collaboratively to help you make the best decision for your career. There are four general steps Betts Recruiting takes when partnering with sales and marketing professionals. Read on to learn more about how our recruiting process works.

Apply Online

Job seekers do not pay anything to partner with Betts Recruiting! To get started, fill out this form on our website. One of our recruiters will follow up within 48 hours to determine if your background and career aspirations are aligned with our clients’ needs. If so, then you’ll come into our office for 30 minutes to meet the recruiting team dedicated to your search.

Meet Your Recruiter

We know how valuable your time is and we’re committed to not wasting a minute of it. Meeting your recruiter face-to-face allows us to fully understand your career goals, background, and personality. From there, your recruiter can start introducing you to clients within 24 hours. We only ask for complete transparency into where you’re interviewing outside of Betts, and for your gut-feeling feedback immediately after every interview.

Go On Interviews

As your recruiter guides you through the interview process, he or she will share valuable information about the hiring manager, company, and market trends to help you navigate interview conversations. Imagine knowing beforehand the kind of questions a hiring manager will ask, or how to avoid their pet peeves. These keen insights can make or break a successful interview, and your recruiter’s job is to make sure you set yourself up for multiple job offers!

Accept an Offer

When the time comes to consider job offers, your recruiter will help you think through salary negotiations. Generally, your salary offer will depend on (link to blog) what you’re currently making compared to market trends, and how well you interview. Since we collect feedback from our clients after every interview, your recruiter will set realistic expectations for what a “great offer” looks like for your career.

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