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How B2B Companies Attract Top Sales People

The Betts Team
July 12, 2018

Today’s talent shortage is increasing at a rapid pace and as a result, hiring managers are finding it more and more challenging to attract and recruit good employees, particularly when it comes to those in the sales field. With dozens of other companies vying for the attention of top candidates, it can be difficult to stand out. The good news is, there are certain things you can do to improve your odds of catching the eye of your best candidates and winning them over. Let’s take a look at a few of these strategies B2B companies are using below.


Be a great place to work.


These days, monetary compensation isn’t the most critical factor for sales professionals. While salary is certainly important, knowing that the company they’re joining has a strong, positive culture, a good support system for sales professionals and the opportunity to grow is equally, if not more important. To use this to your advantage, focus on developing a good employer brand and positioning your company as a market leader with solid sales processes and a distinct path for career development.


Compensate fairly.


Yes, we did just mention that money isn’t everything. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should lowball your candidates – especially given the highly competitive nature of the B2B sales market. If you want to attract the best of the best, you have to offer them a compensation structure that is at or above market level. And if you’re feeling tempted to lower your sales compensation as a way to save money, keep in mind that you almost always get what you pay for. Poor quality sales reps will perform at a lower level, which will ultimately cost your company more money in the long run.


Offer meaningful work.


Today’s salespeople are seeking the opportunity to truly make a difference. Offering work that is meaningful and demonstrating how your sales team plays a significant role in everything from the success of your company to the community in which you operate can do wonders for attracting the eye of top talent. What’s more, research indicates that employees who derive value from their work report 1.7 times higher job satisfaction, 1.4 times more engagement and are 3 times more likely to stay at their company. So, meaningful work can also increase retention and reduce costly turnover.


Be aggressive.


With more open jobs than there are people to fill them, it’s imperative that you be aggressive with your recruiting efforts. That means following through and following up in a timely manner. In fact, recent research indicates that it takes an average of just 10 days for the best candidates on the market to be hired, so being prompt is essential if you want to tap into that pool of top talent.


Cut the BS.


How long does it take for an interested candidate to fill out an application and go through the hiring process with your company? If the process is too time consuming or complicated, you’re missing out on top talent as a result. Today’s highly skilled B2B sales professionals are in such high demand, they have the luxury of picking and choosing which employers they’ll consider working for, and if applying is too much work, 60% of them will move on. Make sure the hiring experience is as straightforward as possible.


Competing with other B2B companies for a limited pool of top-notch candidates requires extra effort, some strategy and a little creativity. By employing the five tips listed above, you’ll be able to position your company as a place where the best salespeople thrive and build a team of A-stars in the process.