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Hitting Refresh On Your Resume

The Betts Team
March 29, 2016

Do you remember your MySpace top eight? Most likely, those same people aren’t your Snapchat Best Friends. Refreshing your social media comes second nature, whether it’s a new profile picture, background song, or daily status. Yet, when it comes to applying to jobs, many job seekers let their resume get stale. We know resumes are old-fashioned, but they aren’t going anywhere. To employers, resumes are the original Facebook.

Your resume is just as important to refresh as your Instagram or Vine. More than just making sure your name is spelled correctly, job seekers need to check if their resume actually describes what their background and experience is. Below are some quick tips on how to get your application ready to post.


Titles are really important. Before a resume is read, it is skimmed. If your title doesn’t match your job, you could easily miss out on a position or get placed somewhere you don’t belong. Be clear about your place in a company and what you do in your day today.


Dates are important because time dictates experience. If you’ve been doing your job for a year longer than what your resume says, you’re missing out on higher-level positions. Date gaps also can become red flags for employers and recruiters if you can’t explain what you were doing for large chunks of time. Don’t force anyone to work to figure out your career progression.


Anytime you do something awesome, make sure you highlight it. Seriously. A promotion? Update your resume. Nailed a project? Nice, update your resume. Your CV should be a real time description of what you’ve done. The longer you wait to record your accomplishments, the more likely you’ll be to forget to ever do so.


If your address, phone number, and email address aren’t current, then sending in your resume is useless. Literally useless.


Last, but not least, does your resume look good? Use a ruler, check spacing, fix font sizes, spellcheck, etc. If your resume doesn’t display your background in a clear, concise way, it won’t be read. Appearances are important when it comes to paper.

Resumes, although archaic, are an easy way to present yourself before getting an introduction. Don’t miss an opportunity because your experience is lacking, you misspelled something, or the email bounced. If you knock these tips out, you’ll be ready to hit send whenever a recruiter or employer reaches out to you.